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Cosmetic novelties for autumn 2016: editor's choice
Cosmetic novelties for autumn 2016: editor's choice

Everything changes rapidly in the beauty industry, new cosmetics appear every month. We are in a hurry to share with you our selection of new products for this fall, which you should definitely try.

ARTISTRY 3D Shimmering Nudes Compact Powder


This is a limited edition powder that includes six shades with varying degrees of soft shimmery shine. Thanks to the soft combination of all shades, the powder is excellent for modeling the face, it can be used as a shimmer, powder and translucent blush. For a perfect finish, apply the powder to the most prominent part of the cheeks and blend towards the hairline to highlight the cheekbones and enhance the 3D effect.

L'Oreal Paris Sexy Balm Moisturizing Lipstick


This lipstick is two in one: it perfectly saturates lips with color, thanks to bright pigments, and at the same time cares and moisturizes the skin. Released in 14 shades that can be worn in two textures - translucent and rich. Convenient stick shape allows for precise and easy application of any situation.



This fragrance was exclusively developed by the prestigious Givaudan Perfume House located in Paris and New York. The perfumers were inspired to create the scent of the legendary Parisian gardens Jardin de Bagatelle. There, amid thousands of roses filling the air with scent, the idea of ​​creating a modern combination of floral scents with sparkling citrus notes was born in the perfumer's imagination.


The scent includes the following notes:

  • French clementines - a top note of sparkling citrus with tangerine hints and the freshness of a sweet orange.
  • Bulgarian rose is the middle note and heart of the fragrance, which has softness and depth, sensuality and sweetness.
  • Madagascar Ylang Ylang - The bottom note is a fruity, sweet creamy, floral aroma with exotic and earthy undertones.

The fragrance comes in a unique bottle specially designed by Select World creative director Olivier Van Dorn. The bottle cap alone consists of twenty separate components and is handcrafted by 28 highly skilled artisans.

Synchro Skin Glow Cushion Compact by Shiseido


This cushion is infused with a foundation that adjusts to skin tone for a radiant complexion. In addition, it perfectly copes with imperfections, minimizes the visibility of pores and is absolutely not felt on the skin. The uniqueness of kushna is that by pressing, you can adjust the amount of the product and the intensity of application yourself.

Thanks to the polymers and absorbent powder included in the composition, the moisture level on the face is regulated, reducing the appearance of oily sheen. The product has a sun protection factor, the level is SPF 23.

Oil-based hair serum SATINIQUE


This serum is specially formulated to moisturize and nourish dry hair. The composition of the new product includes argan oil, avocado oil and kukuya seeds. The serum leaves every strand silky smooth and flawlessly manageable. Dehydrated hair is so energized that it becomes soft, smooth and shiny. Easy to apply and suitable for all hair types. Apply to damp hair before hot styling.

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