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The best Korean cosmetics
The best Korean cosmetics

Korean cosmetics broke into the European market and won the hearts of millions of Europeans in a very short time.

The success of Korean cosmetics is due to its unique formulations, excellent action and real results. In addition, Koreans know how to surprise with very cute packaging and an unusual format of cosmetics. Today the editors of "Edinstvennoy" invites you to get acquainted with 5 Korean cosmetics products that will quickly give results and will not hit your wallet.

Mizon snail repair perfect cream


Snail slime is the base of many Korean foods. Especially in the production of products with this component, the Mizon brand has succeeded. Their legendary Mizon snail repair perfect cream has truly unique properties: it fights acne, moisturizes, smoothes expression lines, and also gives a lifting effect.

And, remarkably, it really works.

Price: 300 hryvnia

Misha cover BB-cream


Despite the fact that the BB-creams were invented by the Germans, it was the Koreans who established their mass production. It is noteworthy that BB cream is not just a foundation, but also a caring and protective cream.

The hit in this category, undoubtedly, is the Misha cover BB-cream, which hides all skin imperfections, does not clog into wrinkles and truly cares for.

Price: 260 hryvnia

Tony Moly Egg Pore


Thousands of girls have fallen in love with this unusual product. It is designed to fight blackheads and consists of activated carbon and egg powder. Please note that the product has a warming effect.

It should be applied to areas with black dots, wait a little and rinse. That's it, there are no black dots.

Price: 280 hryvnia

Gold Racoohy Secret key


Patches for eyelids, lips and nasolabial folds are all the hits of Korean cosmetics that have no equal. Everything is perfect in them: consistency, sensations during the procedure and, of course, the result.

Eye patches remove bruises, swelling, fight wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones. They can be used in courses, or as needed. To get started, try the Gold Racoohy Secret key patches - they will last for a very long time, and the result will delight you from the first procedure. In addition, they can be used on all problem areas of the face.

Price: 400 hryvnia

Mask Tomatox White Magic Tony Moly


The first thing that catches your eye in this mask is its packaging, which is difficult to confuse with anything else. Further, properties: inside you will find a cleansing mask that will put your face in order in a matter of minutes.

The mask can be used both on a permanent basis and as an express remedy before makeup. Yes, in addition to excellent cleansing, the product whitens the face, for which it is very popular in Asia.

Price: 340 hryvnia.

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