New procedure "Happiness for hair": how to make curls healthy and beautiful
New procedure "Happiness for hair": how to make curls healthy and beautiful

Happy people smile, and happy people have shiny hair. The girl is happy when her hair is soft, shimmery in the slightest light, when each hair is saturated with proteins equally along the entire length, tight and elastic.

In the PIED-DE-POULE premium salon they know everything about the new procedure of world beauty salons - absolute happiness for hair.

There is such a thing among hairdressers as "beauty conspiracy". The girl wants to look well-groomed and attractive, the first thing that needs to be tidied up is her hair. She dries her hair with a hairdryer, winds straight hair, straightens curly hair, dyes light hair in a dark color and vice versa. Hair is depleted. And now we add here heredity and internal factors such as the type of food and water we use, the friendship of vitamins and hormonal levels among ourselves - we cannot keep track of everything at the same time. And it seems that there is only one way out - to cut the ends tirelessly to the level of a bob-square.


Do not rush to say goodbye to your hair. American sociologists surveyed more than 10,000 girls, and it turned out that most often they cut their cut and damaged hair due to lack of information about grooming. Of course, what else to do with them?

What if we tell you that hair can be restored ?! And it will be many times faster than cutting and growing them again!

Japanese cosmetics for hair care Lebel made a breakthrough in the field of beauty! In 2010, this company presented a procedure and specially designed products for it - "Happiness for Hair".


This process has seven stages.They include washing your hair and alternately applying serums for various purposes and masks. Everything about everything takes about two hours, so it is worth planning the day in advance, taking this moment into account.

The procedure is really effective. The components of the preparations act on the hair at the molecular level. Damaged hair is restored from the inside! Hair will shine with happiness after the first procedure. The useful substances of the preparations tend to accumulate, therefore, after each next procedure, the hair will be stronger, more elastic, softer and, of course, will shine - this is one of the main signs of hair health. Also, the scalp gets happiness! Dry or oily skin is neutralized - this helps the hair follicles to take maximum vitamins for hair growth and their own body.


The composition of the program "Absolute Happiness for Hair" LEBEL includes: hyaluronic acid, honey, limnantes extract (saves hair from overheating in the sun), soy proteins (this gives smoothness and shine), liquid bamboo extract (helps the hair to hold firmly in the bulb and accelerates growth), and the king of the whole composition is the cellular membrane complex, together with proteins and fatty acids, it will establish molecular bonds and metabolism in the hair itself.

This procedure requires special training and is not suitable for home care. The masters of the PIED-DE-POULE salon have been specially trained to work with this technology and are experts in hair care with Lebel cosmetics. They will select the right healing and restorative products for you, which after one session will demonstrate excellent results, for example, complete restoration of dry and coarse hair!


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