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How to lose weight by summer: 8 rules
How to lose weight by summer: 8 rules

In the spring, every woman begins a global preparation for summer. Body, skin, figure - everything lends itself to transformation. The main thing is to understand exactly what steps should be taken on the way to the ideal "summer" body.

Summer is the season that all women are looking forward to and fear at the same time. I want to look stunning in a swimsuit, but not always have the opportunity and time to intensively engage in myself. But in fact, it is enough to follow a few basic rules in order to throw off all unnecessary things for the beach season.

Drink water on an empty stomach

If you have not yet acquired this useful habit, then it's time to start. The fact is that a glass of water upon waking up starts the metabolism and tunes the body to work. And if you also add lemon to the water, you can significantly strengthen the immune system.


Choose a course of vitamins

Vitamins are a very individual and controversial thing. It is believed that multivitamin complexes have no benefit, but there are micronutrients that are lacking. For example, Omega 3, which is responsible for the beauty of our skin, hair and nails. The most important thing is to find your optimal set of vitamins.

Keep track of how much you drink

It has already been written and rewritten that it is important to drink enough water, but not everyone follows this rule. Then we will give one more argument - this is cellulite, or rather its absence. The presence and intensity of cellulite largely depends on the drinking regime.



Of course, individual training 3 times a week with a fitness trainer is ideal. But not everyone can afford it both in time and financially. It is important that you are in motion every day. Spend 5 minutes in the morning exercising, take an extra stop on foot to work and home, walk more often on the street with your child, and not just sit on a bench, arrange evening walks with your husband in the park after work. And if you have motivation to go in for sports, try home workouts, we have collected many exercises in the Fitness section.

Treat yourself to a visit to a beautician

After a long and exhausting winter, the skin needs cleaning and care. The ideal option is to do several sessions of cosmetic cleansing and chemical peels, but if this is not possible, you can go through the cleansing procedure once and then continue with your home care. For example, a course of natural masks.

Change your daily care

It is important to revise all cosmetics that you used (or did not use) in the winter. It is better to replace a nourishing face cream with a light moisturizing fluid, and a dense foundation - with a lighter cream.


Tidy up your cosmetic bag

It is worth throwing out all the products that have passed the expiration date, hide dark "winter" lipsticks away, and get lip glosses and berry shades.

Improve your diet

We put the point about proper nutrition at the very end for a reason, because this is generally the basis of the basics. It is important to eat healthy all year round, but now, in spring, it’s much easier: the first vegetables, greens, and soon also fruits appear. Load up on fresh salads and plain protein and that should be enough.

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