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Niche news 2017
Niche news 2017

A new olfactory proposal”- this is how the French niche brand Annick Goutal speaks about its next perfume creation.

Inspired by the beautiful Parisian sunsets and the atmosphere of this amazing city, Tenue de Soiree reveals the magic and mystery of evenings, perfect for elegant and independent women. Also, the iconic by Kilian released a fragrance timed to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the brand, calling it provocative and even gloomy - Black Phantom (Memento Mori).


Annick Goutal perfumery can rightfully be considered one of the most iconic for the European luxury market. Bright personality and recognizable style are the foundations of the brand that have distinguished it from many for many years. That is why the decision was made to create something new, not quite typical for the Annick Goutal style - a fragrance that combines iconic creative design and a modern chypre pyramid, where floral notes of iris and tropical patchouli stand out brightly.

The philosophy of the fragrance Tenue de Soiree

Dress to impress is the slogan of the Tenue de Soiree advertising campaign. Thus, the perfume house Annick Goutal wanted to emphasize the importance of the olfactory wardrobe, thereby drawing an analogy between a little black dress and a perfume in the same style - it should conquer and delight no less than our clothes impress others. Seductive, elegant and mesmerizing, it is designed to conquer with its sweet sound, leaving a memorable trail.

The fragrances from Annick Goutal become a kind of reflection of the image of a strong and independent woman who is used to catching numerous enthusiastic looks. She follows fashion and trends, but is also devoted to her own style and elegant pieces. Tenue de Soiree is her perfume must-have. Looking in the mirror before the next party, she will definitely give preference to this scent.

Without a doubt, Tenue de Soiree is an evening dress for women. But who said we can't break perfume rules? Niche perfume trends suggest otherwise.

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