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Why the husband doesn't want to be at home and be with his family
Why the husband doesn't want to be at home and be with his family

Your child was born, but how did you change your husband? He comes home late at night and does not get in touch.

Does your husband no longer want to spend time with his family and is not at all eager to be at home? When your husband does not want to return home and leaves you alone with the child and his guesses, it is difficult.

Of course, when you do not see your beloved man for days and he behaves rather suspiciously, it is difficult to start thinking soberly. No wonder your first guess is your mistress. But what if everything is much more prosaic?


Here are a number of reasons why your husband decided to distance himself from his family

He is tired

Yes, he's just tired. Most often, it is the man who is the breadwinner and a lot of responsibility falls on him. Especially if you are on maternity leave. And he can simply fizzle out under the pressure of this work and responsibility.


You have a loan, a child, plans for the future. Yes, he works day and night to provide you with everything you need, while you sit at home and wonder on the coffee grounds with whom he sleeps there.

You yourself are to blame


I hate this formulation terribly, but it cannot be avoided. We ourselves can destroy our relationships - this applies to both men and women. Perhaps all that he meets in a conversation with you is scandals and claims. Would you like it?

Another woman

This is not the most likely, but possible reason. The likelihood of "love on the side" has not been canceled.

However, if your man does not want to devote time to his family, then let's be honest, this is not his, but your problem. And instead of watching him and his behavior, maybe you should take care of your happiness?

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