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Eyebrow shaping: 2 new and unusual ways from beauty bloggers
Eyebrow shaping: 2 new and unusual ways from beauty bloggers

Eyebrows "decide" everything, sometimes well-groomed and well-chosen eyebrows in color and shape can change the face so much that no other tricks and makeup techniques are required anymore.

That is why it is very important to take care of your eyebrows and choose the right shape for them. There are several ways to correct eyebrows, most of which are widely known, but thanks to beauty bloggers, new interesting methods are emerging.

With these methods, any "strings" of eyebrows will turn into thick and curved.

Eyebrow shaping with hair


Beauty blogger Staffanie Lange suggested a slightly strange way at first glance. The girl cut off the ends of her own hair with clerical scissors and glued them to her eyebrows with eyelash glue, capturing the process on video.

As Lange herself admits, this took much more time than the usual drawing with a pencil or shadows - but we have to admit that the result looks much better than one might expect.

Eyebrow shaping with soap

Another beauty blogger Shirley Triglia suggested a faster and easier way, but no less original. The girl offers to fix the shape of the eyebrows with an ordinary bar of soap.

To do this, apply a little soap to a clean, stiff eyebrow brush and draw longitudinal lines along the growth of the eyebrows, "laying out" and thereby fixing the shape.


Then the girl completes the shape and gaps with a pencil and eyebrow shadows. The result is visible immediately, you can compare the options before and after.


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