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What things really turn men on?
What things really turn men on?

Men are very interesting creatures and they can be turned on by the simplest and most unassuming things.

Male psychology is dark, however, specialists are still trying to understand what they are excited about.

So, here is the result of sociological studies and surveys, thanks to which we learned about 10 simple and ordinary things that can turn men on.

Tanning strip

Why - we do not know. However, a tan strip in contrast to fair skin (for example, where you wore panties) can awaken a real sexual giant in your man.



Sports equipment and clothing especially excites men. Whether you're here from the gym or just got back from a rewarding morning run, be prepared for your boyfriend to get horny.


Especially eyeglasses, which resemble a stern and strong woman.

In general, there are many things that turn men on because the girls in them look stern and strong. Perhaps these are complexes.


This does not apply to appearance, but adequate men who are familiar with the dictionary are very fond of it when girls are incredibly literate. And they constantly correct him. Yes, men are strange.

Nostalgia song

When a man hears a song that can remind him of a pleasant event in the past, it can turn him on. For example, the music to which he had sex or something else can really work that way.



If the aroma of your perfume suits the tastes and psychotype of your man or reminds you of you, then this can turn him on.

Red clothes

Men are not bulls, but they get turned on by sexy red clothes. Wear that tight red dress often.


The fact that fear can excite is not a secret, but the way our body and psyche defend itself. For some men, it works very brightly and strongly.

Girl in shirt

Correction, a girl in his shirt. Yes, this hackneyed movie image really works and turns guys on.

Sense of humor

Humor is always sexy. And a girl who knows how to joke really turns men on. But not hard black humor.

If sarcasm and chernukha excites your man, then I have questions for him.

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