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How to forget your ex: advice from psychologists who work
How to forget your ex: advice from psychologists who work

Sometimes it seems like the suffering will never end. But this is not the case.

After a breakup, everyone needs time to recover. Only some of them take years. How to forget your ex quickly and stop suffering?

Psychologists recommend several simple yet powerful methods.

write a letter

Scrolling through the relationship, parting and a possible meeting with your ex in your head, you constantly think about what you would say to him, right? This is a normal property of the psyche, to believe that words could correct something, and the pain of the offense should be shared by the person who caused it.

It is irrational to keep it in yourself. After all, the more you think about it, the more you become attached to the ghosts of the past.

Psychologists advise: write a letter. In the letter, express everything that worries you, do not be shy in expressions. The more you write from the heart, the sooner it will become easier for you. Ask any questions, don't be afraid to be funny or stupid. Talk about everything that you feel until you realize that there is nothing more to say. And it can be dozens of pages.

Burn the letter. Yes, you don't need to send it. This therapeutic effect will allow you, as if once and for all, to destroy the transferred emotions about the former.


Get rid of the memories

Jewelry, a cute teddy bear, sexy red lingerie and that movie ticket from the first date. If you carefully preserve his gifts - important, necessary, expensive and simply memorable - then get rid of them. And also from everything that reminds you of him.

Of course, you don't need to burn anything in this case. Better sell, exchange, and just throw away the useless.

Psychologists advise: choose some not-too-valuable item that reminds you of your ex the most. Break it, break it, cut it, grind it - destroy it. Do not spare your strength. It's great if you also express your emotions by screaming. It helps.

Do not compare

After parting, each of the women has a period when she starts dating again. And here, it would seem, at a time favorable for a new relationship, the former begins to pull with renewed vigor. All men seem unworthy of him.

This is a normal protective property of the psyche, it seems to us the best, we consciously try to forget all the bad in these relationships and cling to the crumbs of the good.

Psychologists advise: take your time. Quite rarely, it happens that after one love another happens, except that a person has a strong victim complex and he looks for another after one despot (despotic people also perfectly define victims). Therefore, do not rush into the pool with a new acquaintance, but also do not expect bright emotions from him.

Meet men simply because you're not a nun. Do not look at fate in each of them - she will find you herself. This will save you from comparisons.



Resentments against your ex continue to live inside you, even if they are completely fair. Until you forgive him for yourself, you will not let him go. You don't have to tell him you have forgiven. But be sure to do it for yourself.

Psychologists advise: write a list of grievances. Think, what benefit do these grievances give you? For example, not to write a book, as you dreamed, because he called you mediocrity or not to lose weight, because he still considered you ugly.

Then answer for yourself if you are ready to get rid of the benefits that these offenses bring. And forgive him once and for all.

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