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3 main life hacks how to make fast food healthy
3 main life hacks how to make fast food healthy

If you do not have time to cook and are worried about your figure, we will tell you how to eat in fast foods and not get better.

In fact, eating in fast foods is not as harmful as it is said to be. Of course, for this you need to follow three main rules.

Choose one

The main harm of fast food is not that it is high in calories. And the fact that, in addition to the main dishes, we are offered drinks, fried potatoes, or even a small dessert or a milk shake for mere pennies.

Sweet water contains a huge amount of sugar, potatoes contain fat, all additional dishes increase the calorie content of an ordinary, fairly healthy hamburger two to three times. Give them up.


Control calories

By the way, despite the harmful fats that are often present in fast food (in cooking it is better to use vegetable fats that are not thermally processed), it is quite possible to lose weight on it.

To do this, you need to follow the main rule: create a calorie deficit. If a fast food lunch fits into your daily norm, you will lose weight. This has been proven experimentally many times and really works.

Just remember the previous tip and count your calories honestly.


Get rid of the harmful

Most fast foods have the option to skip one of the ingredients. This can be mayonnaise, sweet barbecue sauce, or even a bun.

Even at a shawarma kiosk, you can ask not to add mayonnaise to you, so you get a pretty healthy snack: chicken and vegetables.


As you can see, you can eat great in fast food, if you approach it wisely.

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