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What 3 mistakes everyone makes when they wear skinny jeans
What 3 mistakes everyone makes when they wear skinny jeans

Skinny is adored by everyone, believing that these are the most versatile jeans. And they stubbornly choose this particular style, despite the fresh trends. But most girls make three of the same mistakes that hurt their style. Find out which ones!

Wearing a skinny with a stiletto heel

Skinny jeans fit the legs and hips, emphasizing all the nuances of the figure and its slightest flaws. In combination with a hairpin, the effect is further enhanced. And besides this, the legs are visually shortened. Therefore, it is better to choose a cropped skinny version and wear it with flat shoes.


Wear skinny with revealing tops

Skinny jeans are provocative in themselves, and in combination with lace-up tops, corset type or in lingerie style, they look most often vulgar. Therefore, if you chose skinny, then wear them with a voluminous jacket or sweater. But the good news is that skinny jeans are the only jeans that can be tucked into boots, which is the trend right now.


Wearing skinny with high boots

Skinny cannot be worn not only with a stiletto heel, but also with high boots. Because the legs are covered, they become denser in appearance, and in combination with boots, this effect is enhanced, and the legs also seem powerful and short. In this case, it is better to choose straight cut and cropped cigarette jeans.

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