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Jean Gritsfeldt: The best teacher is a bitter experience
Jean Gritsfeldt: The best teacher is a bitter experience

On February 20, a new project "Podium" will start on Novy Channel. This is a 10-issue story about young designers.

During 2, 5 months of filming, the participants of the "Podium" project sewed incredible outfits in 8 hours, worked as stylists and even made dresses from building materials. In general, we have passed a difficult path.

Of course, the participants needed an experienced mentor. The eminent Ukrainian designer became their mentor Jean Gritsfeldt. The same Jean who surprised the fashionistas of Kiev with shows on the skating rink and on the railway.

The One spoke to the designer about inspiration, the process of making clothes and finding a style.

Jean, tell us, how did your interest in fashion design and fashion begin? How did you understand that this is your calling?

I just did what resonated in my heart. And I am infinitely grateful to fate that all my ideas immediately hit the mark. I love creativity in all its forms and realize myself not only as a clothing designer. This gives volume. I have never liked supporters of doing one thing. It's like being a surgeon who has been doing nose work all his life. Boring.


Do you remember which thing you sewed first?

It was a pigeon sweater.

Are your teachers and authorities in fashion?

I think the best teacher is a bitter experience. And you can only learn something from your own mistakes. After all, every decision you make shapes the story of your life. It turns out that if someone makes decisions for you, then this someone lives your life. And what then do you live?

More recently, there were as many as 10 in the Podium project (laughs). In general, I am a supporter of the idea that everything, including knowledge, should be shared. Otherwise, the universe will not divide in return.


Not that word! I was a mentor for young designers. And for me it was very important not to try to reshape them, not to bring my vision into their work, but to gently support and help reveal their ideas. There is a fine line between advice and “do it right”. And, it seems, I was able not to cross it. In general, the participants in the Podium project are insanely talented guys. Hope to work with some of them in the future. Why not?

Every fashion designer has an individual style. How would you describe yours?

I am for freedom of expression and adherence to my nature. I am guided by this both in creating clothes and in life. Therefore, when you put on a thing from Jean Gritsfeldt, you automatically become a star. And all eyes are riveted only on you.

Remember the most unpleasant or happiest moment associated with the creation of the collection?

Over time, I realized that all the happiest moments go hand in hand with some minor grief. These are the laws of nature. And human too. After all, inside us, too, there are frosts and torrential rains. Therefore, you need to stock up on an umbrella or raincoat and wait them out. And if the umbrella does not save, then heavy tranquilizers will come to the rescue (laughs).


Please describe the entire creative process that you go through when creating a new thing?

It all starts with inspiration. Then an idea appears, an idea. The next step is sketching. Then the selection of fabric, a meeting with the designer, the first fitting, the second fitting. And voila - your idea comes true and becomes a real masterpiece.

What is your favorite stage in your work and why?

When you look at a simple piece of fabric and see the first signs of life in the product you are working on.

How do you cope with difficulties?

Fortunately, there are people who support me and give me a slap in the face in time.It’s not that I don’t have a concrete belief that everything will be fine, but all creative people are really vulnerable at times. Especially on Fridays, when the champagne has run out and a new glass hasn't arrived yet.

Is it difficult in general to create something new?

I’m afraid it’s not possible at all. Here it is necessary to understand and deal with the wording of the word "new". For whom is it new? For yourself, you, her, them? So many geniuses have already trampled this land before us. And should I try to spit them out? Or is it enough to filter other people's ideas through your individuality and dirty everything around with your creativity? So many questions have not yet been answered. Therefore, I think it would be more correct to say that both the creator and his creations are always in active search.

How do you feel when your collection is being shown?

I always tell myself: "Jean, don't forget to have fun." There is a lot of bustle around, and I dance backstage, dissolve in the moment.

Where do you get your inspiration in creating new collections?

From the wind that tangles your hair. From water and music, in which you can dissolve. Of sand that tickles your heels. From kisses in the rain From books and rhymes, from poetry and prose. Of human strength and human weakness. It doesn't matter where it comes from, it matters how. Especially if it leads you to development and prompts you to take action.


What could be the impetus for creating a collection?

For example, when you get 220 out of the socket (laughs). An excellent impulse not to toil with foolishness and start building your life, and not wait for signs and doorbells.

What is success for you?

Be happy every day. Be in harmony with yourself, not be afraid, do things. Be that impulse for the inspiration of another person. And also to be calm and aware and be able to help others.

Sexy assorted jazz music somewhere in the rapper district of California.

What are the three most valuable things in your closet?

Grandma's gold, and also the first and last collection by Jean Gritsfeldt.

Who is she, a modern woman from Jean Gritsfeldt?

She is funny, loyal, creative, sincere. It's not boring with her, she knows how to charm and moves well.


Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years professionally?

The best version of himself today, drinking aromatic coffee somewhere on the roof of an American building. And with 60 percent of dreams come true.

What advice can you give to those who want to develop professionally in this area?

Do not be afraid.

About the Podium project

10 young and promising designers, hundreds of meters of fabric and hours of sewing. All this is the Podium project on the New Channel. This is a Ukrainian adaptation of the American-loved Project Runway.

Three tests await the participants every week - a test for a sense of style (is it difficult to assemble a look on a second-hand?), Creativity (and dress up dancers for a wow performance?), The ability to sew (and sew an outfit on a given topic in 8 hours?).

The work of the participants will be evaluated by two permanent experts, top stylists - Olga Slon and Ivan Suprun. As well as Ukrainian designers Katya Silchenko and Lilia Litkovskaya. The host of the project is the Ukrainian top model who conquered New York, Natalia Gotsiy (Heidi Klum was the presenter in the American format). The mentor - renowned designer Jean Gritsfeldt will help the participants and guide them on a stylish path. The models at some of the final shows of the week will be participants in the New Channel projects "Supermodel in Ukrainian" and "Top Model in Ukrainian".

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