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Parabens in cosmetics: should you be afraid of them
Parabens in cosmetics: should you be afraid of them

Free from SLS, parabens and silicones. You will find this inscription on many jars of cosmetics.

Why such an inscription, according to marketers, should attract you and encourage you to buy a product - let's figure it out.

What are parabens


Parabens are preservatives. They are added to cosmetics so that it is stored for a certain period (you can read the expiration dates on any packaging with cosmetics).

In addition, parabens protect the cosmetic product from the appearance of microbes and fungi in it. And this is important, because applying cosmetics with microorganisms to the skin can actually be dangerous.

Why people began to think that parabens are evil


Several years ago, when the trend for organic cosmetics started all over the world, the struggle with the "chemistry" in cosmetics began. And it seems to be a good trend, but you need to be aware that cosmetics cannot exist without preservatives. And "non-chemical preservatives" will not keep the product without the formation of microbes for several years.

Interesting: The reputation of parabens soured in 2004, when in one of the studies on breast cancer. So, parabens have been found in several tumors that doctors cut from the mammary glands. Scientists themselves cast doubt on such a strong harm of parabens, because so far there is no sufficient evidence base for such conclusions. Today there is no final decision that parabens are really dangerous to health (as well as a 100% refutation of such statements).

You can find parabens in the composition of the product by reading its composition. They are always at the end of the listed ingredients, since a minimum amount of substance is needed to preserve the product.

Parabens are not as scary as they are thought to be. In fact, marketing is marketing, and a lot is often done for sales. Choose cosmetics that suits you and makes your skin better. And of course, only use good brands. Then the composition will not bother you either, because the leading cosmetic concerns are doing everything to ensure that their products are of high quality and safe,‚ÄĚsays Maryana Bugotovskaya, a chemist-technologist of one of the cosmetic companies.

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