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What to do if a teenager fell in love without reciprocity: 6 sensible tips from a psychologist
What to do if a teenager fell in love without reciprocity: 6 sensible tips from a psychologist

Teenage love is not at all like adult love, nevertheless, there are no less experiences from it, but even more. And if it is also not mutual? We figured out how to help your child get through this difficult period.

The child stopped eating, sleeping, looking at one point for a long time and already buzzed all his ears about his love. Who doesn't even pay attention to him? Well, you can't do without heavy parental artillery here. We treat a sick heart in 6 stages with the help of a psychologist.

Don't dismiss the problem

Do you think fell in love? This is how parents often react to a child's first broken heart. After all, it seems to them that the child is too small to experience a real strong feeling. In fact, they are experiencing such a shock for the first time and it is much more difficult than for an adult. It is important to listen, support and help.

Don't devalue the love object

Adults have a trick: to get rid of a feeling in its early stages, you need to devalue the object of sympathy. Little money, crooked nose, alimony, socks full of holes. It doesn't work with children.


The worse you say about his sympathy, the sooner you lose confidence. And even if it seems completely illogical to you, just trust the feeling of the child and do not ask why you can love this person.


Anna Solomenko, school psychologist

Explain how to express feelings correctly

No matter how strong the feeling, children still do not know how to express it. Perhaps his object is not at all opposed to being friends, but does not understand that your child also wants it.


Anna Solomenko, school psychologist

Explain that feelings need to be expressed directly. Offer friendship, help as much as possible, do not offend or express aggression. Learn to build bridges, not tear them down.

Help with the image

In a school environment, it is quite important what your social status is, what gadgets you use and what you do.


Studying alone will not interest either classmates or a girl. Support him in changing his image, in going to those circles that he himself considers "cool".

Let me solve the problem yourself

There is no need to run to persuade high school student Kolya to pay attention to the only daughter who is languishing, crying and cannot live without him.

Support children with advice, but try not to get into their personal life directly.

This will not help at all in love, but only harm.

Help switch

It's not about lessons, but about joint leisure, a new interesting hobby, travel. Perhaps the child has concentrated all his emotions on one object because there are no other hobbies in life.

This does not mean that, having gone to the dances, he will urgently forget about love, but it will only become easier to tolerate. In addition, new hobbies mean new acquaintances.


Support a new hobby

Finally, if the child is again carried away by someone, do not roll your eyes: "What, again?" Support him as you did this time. With experience in a loving relationship, new love may not develop into suffering. And into a strong friendship.

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