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6 melodramas that even men will love
6 melodramas that even men will love

Do you want to watch a soulful movie with a man, but he is against melodramas? One of these tapes will certainly please him, be sure.

Who said that melodramas are women's films? Films in this genre are also shot with the expectation of men. Here's how, for example, these.

A little pregnant

Ben is a lazy bum and a mama's boy. By chance, he has sex with a girl who otherwise would not even look at him.

She tries to forget this night, but after two months she finds out that she is pregnant. What to do, because Ben is not ideal at all.


Forty year old virgin

Andy has a great, successful life: he has his own house, car and a good job. By the age of forty, he managed to achieve everything he wanted.

If not for a small detail: he forgot to lose his virginity. But he will be given such a chance. Of course it won't be easy.


American beauty

The main character is going through a midlife crisis: he hates his job, his daughter does not respect him, and his wife has completely cooled down.

He finds an outlet in his love for a young heart-eater, a friend of his daughter. This passion helps him to look at life in a completely different way.


The Passion of Don Juan

John Martello loves sex, he constantly thinks about it, every night he has a new girlfriend and life seems simple and understandable. Until he unexpectedly for himself meets true love.


Groundhog Day

Phil Connors will be stuck on the second of February, waking up day after day on the same date. He will try everything in order to return to normal life and during this time he will learn a lot of life lessons from the situation.


Everyone is crazy about Mary

Mary is a beauty who has no end to men. It is not clear what the loser Ted hopes for, having fallen in love with her since high school. But, 13 years later, he makes another attempt to charm a sexy blonde.


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