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Stars who have had plastic surgery
Stars who have had plastic surgery

The lucky ones, whom plastic surgery only made more beautiful and beautiful.

Sometimes, plastic surgery becomes a real roulette game. You cannot be 100% sure that the operation will be successful for your appearance.

After all, it so happens that the result of the work of even the most expensive and talented plastic surgeon can cause tears and health problems.

But here is an example of these 10 lucky women proves that you can take a chance if you really want to have plastic surgery on yourself.

Megan Fox


Megan Fox today is one of the most beautiful girls on the planet. She is considered such a symbol of sexuality and femininity. However, she was not always like this.

One way or another, the beauty of the actress is the work of plastic surgeons and the willpower of Megan herself. She created her appearance on her own, having completely thought out her whole image. And she did it very well.

Angelina Jolie


By nature, Angelina Jolie has only her beautiful sensual lips, strong character and innate charm. Everything else is the professional work of plastic surgeons.

Jolie underwent rhinoplasty and surgery on her cheekbones. And much more. It's just that these operations were so successful that no one still believes in it.

Blake Lively


As soon as Blake Lively decided on rhinoplasty, her life was in full swing. She made a nose for herself and adjusted the selections, creating the image of a very cute girl who was recognized in the acting and modeling world almost immediately.

Scarlett Johansson


The actress constantly denies the fact of surgery on her face. However, this is hard to believe. The shape of the nose and cheekbones will not change itself.

Of course, the plastic surgery went so perfectly that you won't even notice their intervention. Scarlet has gotten prettier and that's great.

Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham, unlike many, has never hidden the fact that she is doing plastic surgery. Her rhinoplasty is visible to the naked eye. She also constantly does Botox and does not consider it to be something shameful. And we respect her very much for that.

But the main thing in this whole business is not to get carried away with plastic surgery, so as not to become a miserable copy of yourself.

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