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4 secrets to confess to your doctor
4 secrets to confess to your doctor

How often have you noticed that during a consultation with a doctor, first of all, you try to answer not truthfully, but simply well? But such a white lie only brings harm, misleading the latter.

Below is a list of things a doctor needs to be honest about.

1. "I was on a strict diet"

Yes, we all experiment with nutrition from time to time, and often these experiments are quite harmful. And although we consciously take such a risk, we are honestly embarrassed to tell the doctor, because we know that no one will pat us on the head during a week of hunger strike or mono-diet.


Nevertheless, nutrition directly affects the state of the body and it is in it that the causes of many health problems can be hidden. So instead of being shy, just tell me honestly how you have eaten in recent weeks.

2. "I did not take the pills you prescribed."

Another moment in which many people like to lie, because they do not want to listen to the doctor's reproaches. But even here it is necessary to adhere only to the truth. Indeed, it depends on such answers, among other things, how the doctor will interpret your tests and prescribe further treatment.


3. "In fact, everyone in my family has some kind of chronic diseases / allergies."

Of course, many people think it is absolutely superfluous to mention family illnesses, especially if at first glance they have nothing to do with their own illnesses. However, this is quite important information that any doctor needs.

4. "I'm seeing another doctor"

People avoid talking about the second doctor because they don't want to offend the first one. But this is primarily about your health, and not about the ambitions of your doctor. Feel free to tell him about such things, without inventing unnecessary problems for yourself.

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