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Olya Tsibulskaya: a frank interview about her personal life, creative ups and downs and disappointments
Olya Tsibulskaya: a frank interview about her personal life, creative ups and downs and disappointments

Singer Olya Tsibulskaya is beautiful, kind and talented. Well, it's a real Cinderella of the new time. On the eve of Valentine's Day, in an interview with "The One", the star told her version of the famous fairy tale.

Almost every girl's favorite dream is to become a princess. Whether Olya Tsibulskaya succeeded in this, we decided to find out from her personally. We asked the most singing TV presenter questions, drawn up following the life path of the most famous fairy-tale heroine.

About family and childhood

My favorite fairy tale is a fairy tale about myself:) I was born and raised in a small western Ukrainian town, and now I work as a presenter on the country's main music channel. Even 15 years ago it seemed absolutely unrealistic, like Cinderella's trip to the royal ball:)

Even today, when I see myself on TV or read my interview in the magazine "The One", I still cannot fully realize that the fairy tale has become a reality. But I am sure that everything came true only thanks to the fact that my parents, my husband really believed in me, because the family is that magic wand that always helps.

Dad is a serious lawyer, an intelligent and well-read man, mom is a professional artist who paints amazing pictures and, probably, this mixture of wisdom and creativity made me who I am now - the Most Singing Host.


About parents (Cinderella can be called "daddy's daughter": she is very attached to her father)

It is always easier for a girl to share her secrets with her mother, and my mother and I have such a relationship that I can tell her absolutely everything. My dad and I became very close already when I grew up, he is an advisor and a real friend for me. I am both my mother's and my father's, that is, “MaPiNa”.

About evil people

O, sure! In my life, there was one mistress-producer who amused herself by calling me insignificance and shouting in my face that I would never succeed, that I absolutely did not know how to work in the frame and never be my leader. It knocked me off the track, depressing, upsetting, but I don't know where I got the strength to survive all this. Now, when I meet people who do not like me from the beginning (this is normal, because I am not a dollar!), It only stimulates and turns me on and, usually, at the end of their acquaintance, their opinion of me changes dramatically. Today I would no longer allow anyone to treat me the way they did a few years ago.

About support

I didn’t have a fairy, I had a bearded fairy, my Santa Claus was Dzidzio:) We met when I was a high school graduate and was planning to enter a medical university. He became the person who instilled in me the hope that everything in life is possible, the main thing is not to give up the dream. The day after we met, I left for Kiev and everything worked out for me.


Olya Tsibulskaya with her son Nestor

About beauty

For me, dancing is not only a way to look good, but also a real pleasure. I can rehearse for several hours in a row in the dance hall with my ballet. I have been doing twerking for a while, and now I want to conquer the pylon. I am sure that for the beauty of a woman's figure and self-confidence there is nothing better than dancing has not yet been invented. So Cinderella Girls, if you want a prince - run to the dance!

About show business

As long as I didn’t rush into our show business on a golden horse with a bag of money in my hands, then, of course, they didn’t take me seriously at first.But I am pleased that now most of my colleagues in the workshop I can call friends, many consult with me about which song and when to start the rotation, because I have been working in the largest radio holding company in the country for a long time and I understand something about this, someone is consulting with me on what a music video should be, because I have been working on the most popular muses for many years. country channel. Today, as the host of the M1 Music Awards, I present awards to those people who, a few years ago, did not take me seriously and, you know, it's damn good to know!


Olya Tsibulskaya, together with Nikita Dobrynin, hosts the M1 Music Awards

About your prince and harmony in a relationship

The peculiarity of family life is that today you cannot live without this person, and tomorrow you cannot live with him and this is normal! At some point, I realized that an ideal relationship, when the spouses do not argue, do not argue and everyone is 200% happy with everything, does not happen, except in the series "Wild Rose". The secret to a good marriage lies in sclerosis, in the ability to forgive and in great love, because when you truly love, almost any controversial situation can be resolved with a kiss.


About the signs of fate

I never believed in horoscopes and never turned to fortune-tellers. I believe in God and believe that there are clues around us that we need to be able to notice. I believe that the people we meet are the surest signs in destiny.

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