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Film Tonya against everyone: 3 reasons why you should see this picture
Film Tonya against everyone: 3 reasons why you should see this picture

The film "Tonya Against All" has already received an award at the "Golden Globe", now the next in line is "Oscar", in which it appears in the list of three nominations at once.

The most anticipated film of the winter was "Tonya Against All", which tells about the difficult life path of the American figure skater Tony Harding. For the sake of a career, she was ready for anything - and even hired a special person to break her competitor's legs on the eve of the US Championship.


This event happened in 1994 and became one of the most high-profile scandals in American sports - and the end of a high-profile skating career.

Social aspect

This picture allows you to reflect on how a person's adult life is influenced by his childhood and parents. Tonya was constantly subjected to physical and psychological violence from her mother and husband.


Growing up in a poor family, Harding even had to make her own costumes on her own. All this left a big imprint on the character of the skater.


Handsome Sebastian Stan revealed a different side in this picture. He played well the husband of the skater Jeff - the average loser who cannot do anything without the use of force.


Margot Robbie as Tony is commendable. What does the episode with the participation of the actress in front of the mirror deserve? Allison Jenny played the role of the bitchy and heartless mother of the skater just as well, for which she has already received a Golden Globe

Interesting:The film received three Academy Award nominations: Margot Robbie is nominated for Best Actress, actress Alison Jenny may be Best Supporting Actress, and the creators are competing for Best Editing.


In the scenes on ice, it's almost impossible to tell where Margot Robbie is and where her stunt double is. The creators approached the graphic part of the film with great seriousness.


You definitely won't be bored. Due to the controversial details of the story, the plot of the picture now and then flows from drama to black comedy, and from comedy to thriller.

Interesting:The film's budget was $ 11 million.

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