Olga Gorbacheva congratulated the only readers on the New Year
Olga Gorbacheva congratulated the only readers on the New Year

Ukrainian singer Olga Gorbacheva told about Santa Claus, remembered funny stories and wished you a Happy New Year!

New Year is a great reason to do beautiful things and say warm words to those around you.

The editors of the only one is actively preparing for the New Year, and at the same time sends you virtual greetings and congratulations from the stars of Ukrainian show business. We join all the warm wishes and wish that together with 2016, faith, hope, love will come to your home.

In our New Year's special project, we decided to ask celebrities about whether they believed in Santa Claus as a child and whether their children believe in this fairy-tale character now. In addition, the stars told us many funny stories and unusual adventures that happened to them on the eve of the holiday.

The heroine of our today's material is the Ukrainian singer Olga Gorbacheva. Olga told us that from childhood she believed in Santa Claus and admitted that to this day she is upset that this is a created character.

How did your parents support your faith in Santa Claus as a child?

I don’t remember that in childhood someone doubted the existence of Santa Claus. We believed in him and did not ask questions. Perhaps children are now having doubts about greater access to any kind of information. And sometimes we ourselves, adults, are to blame for not being able to maintain a fairy tale in their hearts. For such nonsense, at first, supposedly, we do not have enough time, and then we are terribly indignant about why children are so cynical these days.


Until what age did you believe (and maybe continue) in Santa Claus?

I can only say that to this day I am not disappointed that I know that this is, so to speak, a created character. I believe in anything, if it brings good and joy. And even when I was in Lapland with a supposedly real Santa Claus, I did not overshadow this joy for myself with the thought that he was "supposedly" … Santa Claus, period!


Can you remember a funny childhood story related to the New Year?

That real Santa Claus from Lapland suddenly asked me about Yulia Timoshenko … It was very fun to talk to him about politics and football!

Does your child believe in Santa Claus?

Of course he does! True, we recently had an episode with letters from St. Nicholas. It suddenly seemed to my daughter that his handwriting was very similar to mine, but we quickly eradicated doubts!

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