How to change your life for the better: 30-day rules - what to do every day
How to change your life for the better: 30-day rules - what to do every day

To become happy today, and not wait for the sake of this New Year 2016, we offer you an interesting tip from a famous psychologist. It will help change your life for the better! And do not forget to make a New Year's gift for the one we forget about.:)

We continue to publish simple 30 days rules on how to change your life for the better.:) There is very little left until the New Year 2016, but every day you can do something that will bring you closer to pleasant changes.

Susan Jeffers, author of the bestselling book Fear … But Act!, Has great tips in her book on how to be happy.

One of these rules: "Take one small but bold leap forward every day."

For example, it is customary for some of us to go with our friends to a shopping center and try on the thing we like. But to look into a fashionable boutique and put on a dress for crazy money … it's not so familiar anymore.:) Or have you dreamed of learning how to dance for a long time, so why not go to a dance studio for a free lesson? Or try on shoes at a specialty dance store?:)

In addition to small but bold deeds, do not forget that you need to congratulate all your relatives and friends on the New Year! Our coach Nadezhda Vvedenskaya suggested the best way to proceed. More information at


Do not forget about the house when you are engaged in pleasant chores. He, too, sometimes lacks your attention.:) After all, we often remember our relatives and friends, but we forget about home, about those walls that protect us.:) So give him a present! Decorate beautifully before the New Year 2016. The year of the Fire Monkey is approaching. You will find tips on New Year's decor in our article.

If you don't have much time to do New Year's preparations, then you can arrange everything by getting the children interested. They will be happy to help you decorate your apartment.

Decorating your home is very important. Famous journalist Jamie Cat Callan wrote in the book "Frenchwomen do not sleep alone" that when we "keep him in a hospitable state … then we leave the opportunity for positive energy to find its way to his home."

And we offer you one of the most beautiful videos about love, hope and … home.:)

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