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Thirst for summer and adventure: new emotions and vivid impressions
Thirst for summer and adventure: new emotions and vivid impressions

Summer is still far away, but it can be arranged as early as March. Not only relaxation awaits you, but also vivid impressions.

This is a country that opens up to everyone in its own way. Someone wants the traditional all incluse, pool and selfies against the backdrop of the pyramids. But for me Egypt has prepared other, much more valuable impressions and emotions.

Straight to the Pharaoh woman

The first point of arrival is the Karnak Temple. You get an incredible sensation when you find yourself here. From the history of the construction of the temple, we learned about a woman-pharaoh named Hatshepsut, who was also called the wife of the god Amon. It was she who did everything to restore Egypt after the invasion of enemies, who practically ruined the country.

Passing huge columns and statues, every now and then you stop, peering at the wall drawings, touching them, you feel history everywhere. It seems that this world froze for a second, but in another moment, and it will heal.


All shades of the Red Sea

If you want to escape from everyone and everything, then only here, now I know for sure! The Red Sea is special. Here the colors seem juicier and brighter: I have never seen such a variety of colors on the surface and at depth. By the way, before the dive, we were told that in order to preserve the local beauty, you can admire the reefs only at a distance of 1.5-2 meters.

Young Tutnhamun

Driving into the Valley of the Kings, we involuntarily clung to the windows of the bus, and someone said:

It's worth flying to Egypt for this alone! " You seem to find yourself on the shooting of some kind of historical film. But this is not a movie, but reality.

Here are the tombs of the most … For example, Pharaoh Tutankhamun. We were told that he died at the age of 19. But the treasures of his tomb and a golden sarcophagus weighing 100 kg, which are in the Cairo Museum, are still amazing.


The greatness of Egypt is evident in the details, wall graffiti and drawings. And each fresco carries an encrypted message. As if those who created this great place knew that after many centuries we will definitely appear here and touch these walls.

Thanks to TUI Ukraine, our program turned out to be very interesting and rich.

Before our departure there was a walk along the Nile, and I managed to toss a coin. The river, along which the pharaohs sailed, will surely grant the wish. And it is one: I so want to return to Egypt again!


There is a huge variety of corrals in the Red Sea.

Tourist notebook

TUI Ukraine is one of the leading travel companies in Ukraine, which includes a tour operator and a network of travel agencies throughout Ukraine.

The average cost of a tour to Egypt in the spring is $ 350-400 per person (all-inclusive service system, with air travel and accommodation in 5 * hotels).

Heaven on earth

Everything for you

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