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Milan Fashion Week: 5 most impressive runway highlights
Milan Fashion Week: 5 most impressive runway highlights

Milan Fashion Week is over, but the impressions will last for a long time!

It can be safely noted that fashion shows are no longer arranged in order to show what they will wear in the next season. Now the show is a real show, and the winners are those who arrange the most interesting. We have collected for you 5 of the most impressive moments from Milan Fashion Week.

Models replaced by drones

High tech and fashion are a great tandem. The guests were convinced of this at the show of the Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana.


The new collection of handbags was shown not by models, but by unmanned aerial vehicles.


The bags were attached to drones that flew out into the audience to the music. After that, real models took to the catwalk to showcase the clothes.

Live puppies

A purse is a good place to store your smartphone, cosmetics, credit card, and other important little things. She can also just look beautiful on her hand. Yes, the bags are useful and beautiful, but … they cannot match the charm, cuteness and mood that a living puppy possesses. The organizers of the Tod's 2018 show took this as a basis.


At the fashion show, models took to the podium with live puppies under their armpits. Among the breeds: French Bulldog, King Charles Spaniel, Akita and Chihuahua.

Alien Models

In Milan, Moschino has launched alien models from the 1960s on the runway. The girls were dyed pink, yellow, blue and green, making a lush fleece on their heads.

That's what bright means!


Reptiles instead of clutches

Most shocking at Milan Fashion Week was the Gucci show. The models got very unusual things as accessories.


In particular, snakes, dragons, lizards and other reptiles - fortunately, not real, but made of silicone.


Models with heads in their hands

And the shock itself is the same Gucci show, at which some models, instead of a handbag or silicone reptiles (as mentioned above), got their own heads.


The podium itself was decorated for the operating room, but designer Alessandro Michele did not warn that they would cut not only fabrics, but also heads. The good thing is that the heads were also made of silicone - they are an exact replica of the models that carried them.

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