Emotional Abuse: How to Recognize and Resist an Abuser
Emotional Abuse: How to Recognize and Resist an Abuser

Emotional abuse is terrible. And the saddest thing is that the victim often does not understand what danger he is in. Together with psychologist Vladimir Naumenko, we figured out how to recognize abusing and how to resist it.

In my practice, I have to deal with the topic of abusing, in other words - violence, every day. This topic has become the most urgent and most terrible for today.

Types of violence (abusing):

  • Physical;
  • Psychological;
  • Sexy.

Who is the abuser?

This is a person who takes pleasure in hurting other people. Plus, he feels the power over them.


What are the consequences of abusing:

  1. Decreased self-esteem;
  2. Depression;
  3. Loss of self-esteem;
  4. The emergence of confidence in their own worthlessness;
  5. Stress disorder;
  6. Pathological anxiety;
  7. Loss of meaning in life.

How to recognize a person who is committing violence?

These are people who:

  • use manipulation;
  • love supervision and total control. They control your every step and even your desires;
  • always blame others for everything. They are never guilty, they do not want to take responsibility upon themselves.
  • very jealous;
  • loving to isolate their victim, and also subject the person who is nearby to constant criticism.
  • they are very changeable in mood, vulnerable and touchy.

All these things serve as a kind of indicators by which you can determine whether there is a normal healthy person near you or it is an abuser.

How to tell if your relationship is abusive or not?

First of all, abusers are very fond of arranging interrogations. At some point, they can even beat their victims, and after a while they behave as if nothing happened.

Often people know that their relationship is abusive, that there is a place for violence in their life. But even if they were given 100 points of signs of violence, they still wouldn't do anything about it.

In such cases, I always urge the following: think about the consequences. At some point, you will stop living according to your own scenario, your life will turn into hell. And, worst of all, you may be on the verge of death.

What to do when you are faced with abusing?

  • End a relationship… They will not lead to anything good. Yes, it is very difficult to end such a relationship. As a rule, abusers are very clever manipulators. They often resort to manipulation of violence - threats. But you must always remember that this is just a bluff.
  • Stop blaming yourself! It is not your problem that you are living with such a person. It is not your fault that something does not work out for him and he constantly breaks down on you. This is just one of the manipulations that the abuser resorts to in order to shift all the blame onto you.
  • Abusing requires help! If you want to end an abusive relationship, you need the help of a specialist - someone who will tell you and tell you what to do. He will support you and help you believe in yourself, take action and put an end to the relationship - start a NEW life!

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