How to behave on a first date if you're very nervous
How to behave on a first date if you're very nervous

What to talk about with your boyfriend on your first date when you both feel awkward and want to get to know each other better?

The first date is always exciting stress, worries and a lot of awkward situations. Especially if you really like the guy.

This is due to the fact that we are so made: we are always nervous around those who we really like. However, if you pull yourself together and remember a couple of "eternal themes", then the conversation on the first date will start by itself.


So what to talk about with your boyfriend on your first date?

About hobbies

Hobbies, hobbies and pastime are the basis of the basics, about which a person who has something to tell will surely share.

Unobtrusively ask him what he likes: maybe he collects comics or draws with a pen. Anything.

Show interest and the person will begin to open up in a new way, and there you will probably find a common theme.


Even if both of you are not particularly fond of sports games, surely as a child, one of you roller-skated or tried to conquer skate.

Try to start an unobtrusive conversation with a phrase something like: “I remember how I was rollerblading and it was cool, but are you doing something?”.


If a guy likes you, he'll keep the conversation going. If every word needs to be pulled out of it, why is it needed?


Traveling is not just a trend in recent decades, but also a favorite pastime of many people. Especially men.

Be sure to ask your companion about where he has already been, whether he wants to and where he plans to go. An interesting interlocutor and an adequate guy will definitely share this information with you.

What he wanted to be as a child

Talking about what you did as a child and who you wanted to be better than alcohol relieves the awkwardness of the first meeting. We are made like that. We relax from pleasant memories of the past and can even laugh about it. You will surely find a common theme in this "area".

Favorite movie or TV show

Surely your companion watches a movie and loves some special genre. Be sure to ask him which movie he likes.

If you have a common favorite genre, then the topic of conversation will continue to itself.

Favorite actor

Continuing the theme of his favorite films, touch on the theme of his favorite actors. If he has a couple of films, then there are actors too. And then your boyfriend will carry - he will tell, tell and tell. And you just keep the topic going.

Where is he from and what is he doing here

Be sure to ask about his hometown. He must have moved. Or lived somewhere else. Try to ask this question carefully and then you can learn more about the person. But be careful. Or else she will think that you are a stalker.

Do you know what?.

We are people - we love to be surprised. Especially the guys. If you know any interesting fact, be sure to tell it.

Curiosity and pride in men will make him become more active and play a kind of "what, where, when". You will start flipping facts like true intellectuals.

Have you ever?.

Another cool topic and trick that will help you get to know the interlocutor better and stir him up for a conversation.

Start a phrase such as "have you ever eaten fried ice cream?" or "jumped with a parachute."

At first it will be a "one-sided game", but then you will definitely start playing this exciting game. This is how the psyche and curiosity work.

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