How to become a famous beauty blogger and get cosmetics for review
How to become a famous beauty blogger and get cosmetics for review

A little creativity, a lot of work - and you are guaranteed popularity.

The recent scandal that broke out between a well-known blogger and a cosmetic brand showed that brands send cosmetics for review to some bloggers with pleasure, while others may be refused, without unnecessary scrolling.

We decided to figure out what kind of bloggers major cosmetics brands are interested in and how to become such a blogger.

Decide on the topic

Yes, the subject is beauty, but what exactly? Do you want to survey niche cosmetics or mass market? Leaving or make-up? Testing new items or focusing on classics? The more specific and precise your topic is, the sooner you will be able to find and conquer your audience.


Choose a site

You shouldn't be scattered: choose one platform on which you will promote yourself. You can try several at once and concentrate on the one you like best.

This is important, because if you choose YouTube, you need to pay attention to the video sequence and editing, if Instagram is a beautiful photo, good connections and balance between text and visual component are important on Facebook, but Telegram readers can only be seduced by original text content.

Create a beautiful picture

In any case, you will need a beautiful photo or video sequence - after all, we are talking about beauty. Take a couple of photography lessons for social networks, get acquainted with the peculiarities of the presentation of cosmetics. In addition, in life you can be anyone, but in the frame, subscribers want to see an almost impeccable beauty blogger.


Be yourself

We do not call for reinventing the wheel: it is simply necessary to spy on some tricks and directions from professionals. At the same time, it is important not to dissolve in inheritance, but to leave behind your own special character traits, for which your friends and relatives love you and a huge audience will fall in love with you.

Don't be afraid to offer

At first, you really won't be sent cosmetics for review. After all, a blogger does not become famous immediately. If you think that your audience is sufficient and valuable, do not be afraid to write to PR people for the brand directly or register on blogging platforms like Publicfast.

Do not be afraid of rejections. They happen even among eminent bloggers, however, the further - the less often. Just accept that this is such a necessary time frame.


Listen pro

We can endlessly advise you on how to achieve success in any field, or we can simply ask the person who succeeded. And so we did.

Katrin Marchenko, fashion and beauty blogger


Well, it seems that everything is not so complicated. It's up to you!

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