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Which of the stars worked as a model
Which of the stars worked as a model

Each actress has her own path to cinema. Someone starts from the stage, and someone from work as a model.

The heroines of our article began their careers on the spreads of fashion magazines, and then, being noticed by famous producers, migrated to the cinema.

Cameron Diaz


Cameron has starred for Calvin Klein, Coca-Cola and many other brands. She was also often invited to shoot in glossy magazines. Then she starred in "The Mask", after which her film career developed by leaps and bounds.

Milla Jovovich


Mila Jovovich became a model when she was 12. She has appeared in advertising campaigns for Loreal, Versace and Revlon. Naturally, such a beautiful girl could not be overlooked.

Demmy Moor


When Demi was 16, she dropped out of school to work at a modeling agency. At 19 she was already filming for Penthouse magazine.

Then she had work in serials and youth films, and the real success came after the film "Ghost".

Monica Bellucci


She was 24 years old when she signed with a Milan modeling agency. Having made a fairly successful modeling career, Monica decided to move on by starting acting in films. And she did it.

Angelina Jolie


When Angie was 16, she was already filming for various advertising campaigns.

However, Jolie quickly lost interest in working as a model, and she decided to try herself in the acting field.

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