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5 yoga exercises to lose weight in 10 minutes a day
5 yoga exercises to lose weight in 10 minutes a day

Have you ever seen a complete yogi? Definitely not - because this practice better than others affects metabolic processes and the burning of excess fat. Just 10 minutes a day is enough to see the first results soon.

There are many effective exercises in yoga, we will show those that will not be difficult for beginners to do, but at the same time are most effective.

Pulling the cat

Get on all fours, round your back as much as possible, and then arch it. This will remove the bolster on your stomach and help your posture become more even.


Stretching the legs

Sit with your legs and back straight. Lean with your back as straight as possible to your feet. As low as it gets. If your stretch isn't very good, use a rubber band, or a rope - loop, hook your feet, and stretch.

This exercise works great on the back of your thighs.


Warrior pose

Put one leg forward, bend it, and place your palms on the sides of the foot. Then straighten up with straight arms and freeze in this position for 10-30 seconds, without ceasing to breathe deeply. This will tighten the front of the legs and arms.


Dog looking down

One of the most effective yoga exercises. Get on all fours, bend your toes and push off with them. Straighten your arms and arch your back. This exercise gives correct posture, toned arms and buttocks, accelerates metabolism and invigorates better than coffee.


Pigeon pose

If you want to work out the buttocks and legs even more efficiently, supplement the previous exercise by alternately raising the leg and bending it towards the opposite palm.


With these exercises, you will see the first results in a matter of days. No magic, just yoga.

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