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5 best movies of 2016 you might have missed
5 best movies of 2016 you might have missed

Ahead of the weekend, and you absolutely do not want to go to the theaters and choose a movie to watch? Don't worry, we did it for you. We offer you a selection of the newest films that you need to watch at least once in your life.

All these films have already been shown in cinemas, so you can only see them on your couch. In general, pour yourself some strong tea (coffee with condensed milk, red semi-sweet or aromatic mulled wine - you need to emphasize), wrap yourself in a warm blanket and start watching!

Man is a Swiss knife


When Hank, finding himself on a desert island, out of despair decides to commit suicide, he suddenly finds Manny's body. And it seems that Hank's life is on the mend, because now his loneliness is diluted with a new friend, even if he does not show signs of life at first.

The beauty of this film is that Hank's "dead friend" is played by Daniel Radcliffe - the one to whom the "Harry Potter" label has probably stuck for life. I must admit that Daniel was very surprised by the choice of this role - it is, firstly, very adult, and, secondly, very difficult - both morally and physically. What is one of his delightful half-closed left eye!

Captain Fantastic

A delightful, subtle and soulful movie about real family values. Ben Cash, played by Viggo Mortensen, gives survival lessons to his many children who live with him in the wild forests of America. Once he and his wife decided to go to the foundations of the universe, abandoning the civilization of consumption and enslavement. He teaches his children everything in the world - from physical fitness to general knowledge. Children are hardy and smart beyond their years, they can answer any question in quantum physics or philosophy. And it seems that the choice that Ben and his wife made was the most correct and logical one. But at the same time, the numerous shortcomings of such an upbringing are "sideways" for children.

Director Matt Ross is actually trying to build an "ideal state" on the screen. Showing detachment from the everyday norms and rules of civilization, he speaks of the utopian nature of such an idea.

Long live Caesar

Everything is wonderful in this film - the acting, the wonderful work, and the subtle humor that makes the audience literally scream with laughter in the auditorium. With their "Caesar," the Coens raise the issues of filmmaking, religion, politics, money, truth and lies.

The film tells about Eddie Mannix - an invaluable person in Hollywood in the 50s. He solves numerous problems, finds compromises in difficult situations and sometimes literally saves the production of films from certain doom. He has a lot of things to do - annoying journalists, an actress who got pregnant during filming, an actor imposed by the studio who can't even put two words together in front of the camera … So the main performer in the new blockbuster was also unexpectedly kidnapped. This whole circus (as one of the characters in the picture calls it) is to be solved by poor Mannix, and even not to go crazy in this crazy race.


Another story about old Hollywood - this time from the 1930s, tells Woody Allen. The incomparable Woody, as usual, balances between irony and eternal questions, the most important themes and true, human values.

The action takes place in America in the 30s. A guy from New York named Bobby comes to conquer Los Angeles with the help of his uncle Phil, an influential agent. Here he is confronted at the same time with dream and reality, which are embodied in one girl Vonnie. This picture can be safely called a set of vivid images and short sketches. And in half of the cases, the feeling that you have already seen all this somewhere does not leave. And this family of New York Jews, and these parties with actors by the Californian pool, and these dialogues about the high. But every time you laugh and smile sweetly.


The action takes place in an alternative reality, where those who have a couple are allowed to live in society. Those who, for some reason, found themselves alone, are sent to a special country hotel. There, everyone is given 45 days to find a partner. In case of failure, they are turned into the chosen animal and released into the forest. It would seem that in this situation, hotel guests should immediately create alliances, but not everything is so simple.

Director Yorgos Lanthimos managed to make a sobering, sarcastic and at times very violent movie. The film shatters the postulate "family is the main unit of society", proclaims the greatness of the individual and shows all the contradictions associated with this.

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