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Alex Zakharchuk told about his dreams and shared plans for 2018
Alex Zakharchuk told about his dreams and shared plans for 2018

The spirit of the New Year is already in the air. Perhaps this is the most magical holiday of the year. Right now, you are especially expecting at least a small, but a miracle.

One of the most stylish artists of Ukraine, singer Alex Zakharchuk, took part in the New Year's special project "The only one" - "I dream of …", in which he spoke about the dreams, plans and goals that he set for himself for 2018.


In 2018, my first album will be released, which will include songs already known to my fans and completely new ones. The main highlight will be my author's song "We Live Once", which gave the name to the album. I believe in it myself and, I hope, the listener will also believe. I will definitely delight my fans not only with beautiful songs, but also with video works and concerts. I have many goals for 2018. All of them are ambitious, but quite achievable.


A family

As for family and friends, everything is stable for me. The main thing is to preserve this stability. But my priority right now is music, career and personal growth.


I want to master skiing and surfing thoroughly. This is very interesting to me, so I will not postpone it and will do it in the first months of 2018. There is also a dream, by the way, a very old one, to learn to play the guitar. I want to sing songs with a guitar by the fire. I'm a romantic! P. S. I am looking for a tutor!


It would be necessary to take up sports more seriously. With a busy schedule of work at the studio, concerts, rehearsals, sometimes you don't have time to get to the gym for training just in time. It's also time to get back to playing squash. There was not enough time this year.


Beloved homeland

I would like 2018 to bring us a peaceful sky over our heads, so that people stop quarreling over politicians who impose on us it is not clear what. I want people to be smarter, not to be fooled by any stuffing that is done with only one purpose - to knock our heads together. So that we do not wait for someone to do something for us and for us, but start changes from ourselves. No one owes us anything, no one will come, they will not take away our garbage, they will not park our car correctly. Let's start with ourselves. Let's think, respect and love not only ourselves, but also those around us. Let's be kind to others. And then our country will change for the better.

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