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How do you succeed and maintain your identity?
How do you succeed and maintain your identity?

Bad advice on how to achieve incredible heights, great fortune, but at the same time not sell your soul to capitalism.

Writer Eric Barker, author of Barking on the Wrong Tree, has developed 6 universal rules of success that we all guess about, but never take seriously.

Choose the right place

Eric calls it "the pond." When choosing a place of work, take a close look at your colleagues, the general environment and, in general, what the company does. After all, you are unlikely to change the environment, but the situation can definitely change you.


Go to cooperation

This does not mean that you have to help everyone and everyone, sacrifice your personal time and even pay people. No. But to show initiative in communication, to be interesting and pleasant person who always makes contact and is ready to offer his help - yes. This will help you.

Trust but verify

Being selfless and completely trusting others is a sign of stupidity. You cannot predict the future, but you can always be on your guard. By the way, research has shown that highly successful people rate their level of trust in others by 8 points, not 10.

Work hard but be careful


Or rather, make sure that your efforts are noticed. This can be learned from arrogant egoists who do not hesitate to push themselves everywhere. Sometimes you should hide your modesty away and remind others about yourself. Especially if you have been plowing stubbornly for many years and all without a promotion.

Think about the future

And let others think about it too. Try to do everything to discover new perspectives, make plans for the future and show others that they can rely on you. Interact with people and share this emotion with them.

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