Cristiano Ronaldo's son scored in his first junior game
Cristiano Ronaldo's son scored in his first junior game

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. made his debut in the game for the children's football club "Pozuelo de Alarcón". A caring father came to watch his son's first match.

In principle, no one doubted that the 6-year-old son of Cristiano Ronaldo would follow in his father's footsteps and would also play football. The Real Madrid striker constantly trains his offspring and regularly plays football with him, in general, he is preparing a worthy replacement for himself.


So, the other day in Spain, the children's championship of the fourth division (players under eight years old) took place, in which Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., as part of his Pozuelo de Alarcon team, made his debut as a professional footballer.

Moreover, in the match against the Carrascal team, Ronaldo Jr. scored his first goal, which made his father very happy, who was present at the match. The game itself ended with a score of 4: 2 in favor of the Pozuelo de Alarcon team.

Cristiano Ronaldo himself also took part in the game, taking on the role of a ball boy: every time the boys knocked the ball out of the field, the player ran after him and tried to quickly return it back to the game.

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