6 movies about fatal passion, which must be watched with your beloved
6 movies about fatal passion, which must be watched with your beloved

Movies hot like this summer. About attraction, passion, love and other instincts that are not subject to the human mind.

To stir up passion in a couple, be sure to watch one of these films with a man.


A two-part film about a woman who is addicted to sex. Sometimes, pulling herself together, she manages to find a loved one, build a family, give birth to a child and find a job. But then sexual addiction takes over again, and the heroine needs more and more passion each time.


The dreamers

Paris, 1968, just about student riots and protests. They are three young people, a brother and sister and a casual acquaintance who spend all their time in the apartment, bringing to life scenes from films, including erotic ones.



Another film about sex addiction, in this case a man's. The main character finds casual partners in bars, communicates in erotic video chats and watches movies for adults.

But it is always not enough for him. The real problems begin when he meets the woman of his dreams.


Fatal attraction

The main character enters into a casual sexual relationship with a girl, and the next morning realizes his mistake: after all, he is happily married.

There is nothing easier than just forgetting about this incident, but only this girl does not want to let her lover go and begins to pursue him.



The man is appointed to the chief of his former mistress. Everything between them is over long ago, but she recalls that turbulent time and demands more. When the hero refuses, she frames everything as sexual harassment and takes legal action. But a man has a wife and children.


With eyes wide shut

A drama about love, life together and the difficulties of parting, saturated with eroticism. For the role in this film, director Stanley Kubrick made Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, who were a couple at the time, go through the pain of parting with all their hearts. And after the shooting, they broke up for real.

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