Svetlana Loboda spoke about nervous and physical exhaustion
Svetlana Loboda spoke about nervous and physical exhaustion

On the eve of her solo concert in Kiev, Svetlana Loboda decided to talk about competition in show business, physical exhaustion during tours, and also shared the main advice in her life, which she adheres to to this day.

According to Svetlana Loboda, artists who are doing well and who are fully developing, involved in work and passionate about their work - are very open and friendly towards each other, trying to support and help.

And I am sincerely glad that we have such an artistic brotherhood. And there must be competition on the stage, of course. But we do not have it yet, unfortunately.

- says Svetlana Loboda.

Talking about her last year's all-Ukrainian tour, Svetlana admitted that she literally brought herself to nervous and physical exhaustion, and even lost consciousness.

Imagine a situation: I have to go on stage at a very important event, and I am lying with a dropper with wildly reduced pressure. At the same time, the doctor shouts that he will not let him go to the stage under any circumstances. And I look at her and think: "If you knew that only death can not let the artist go to the stage" and after 2 hours I, barely breathing, already sing the first song

- the singer recalls the consequences of hard work.

Maintaining such a rhythm and at the same time enjoying life, Svetlana is helped by the main advice that her grandmother once gave her. She sacrificed a brilliant career as an opera singer for the sake of her husband and regretted it all her life, so she advised her granddaughter, if she had to choose between love and the stage, to choose herself.

"Love tends to end, even the strongest. And a real feeling will never be an obstacle on the way to a dream. Live with your heart, listen to its voice. And never lose the music inside," - these words of my grandmother go with me through life, and I always choose my dream. And my dream is the light of the stage, the stage, my audience and eternal music

- admitted the 34-year-old singer.

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