Sunglasses 2017: the most stylish models of this summer
Sunglasses 2017: the most stylish models of this summer

Sunglasses and hats are must-have summer accessories that no fashion look can do without.

In the LuckyLOOK chain of stores, you can find the ideal options to be in trend.

Points for luck

This season, the LuckyLOOK sunglasses collection has turned out to be eclectic: it combines the world's ultra-fashionable trends and classic models. Among the innovations, the transformation of the popular women's cat-eye glasses should be noted: they have become more rounded, turning from a retro version into an original trend. Large oversized glasses that cover half of the face are back in fashion. Men can choose from versatile aviators, classic wayfarers and stylish browliners. Mirror coating and gradient on lenses are still relevant.

LuckyLOOK experts always advise not to be afraid of experiments. The main criterion for choosing sunglasses is your personal comfort and their organicity, combined with the style of clothing and the chosen image. To be able to change images, you need to purchase several pairs of glasses.

So, incredibly feminine cat glasses are great for embodying a retro style and a romantic look. Combine them with headbands, shawls and hats.


The beauty of aviators is their versatility, but best of all they complement the casual style. Moreover, this applies to both female and male images. Wear aviators with caps and hats: fedora and trilby are great for every day. For women who prefer a romantic style, a combination of rimless aviators and textured hats is possible.


Tishades - They can adapt to different styles. Want a sporty look? Choose bright tishades and a cap. Do you like romantic style? Tishades with light lenses and rims combined with a wide-brimmed hat will fit perfectly into it! Decided to embody a retro style? Tie a shawl over your head or wear a bandage - with round glasses you will look like a hippie.

Despite being considered a unisex model, Wayfarers are more popular with men today. They can be worn with both classic and casual looks. If we talk about the classics, then the combination of glasses and hats may turn out to be superfluous: frivolity is alien to the conservative image. But in casual style, these glasses are perfectly combined with the same caps and hats, raising it to the smart level.


Browliners are an expressive and self-sufficient accessory, so they can do without a “pair” in the form of a headdress. However, based on individual wishes, they can be combined with sports caps and hats.

In the bag

The most popular hat this summer is the boater. Made of the lightest straw, it is very comfortable to wear, looks laconic and elegantly complements the image. The boater can be worn every day, combining it with different outfits. To the office and for a walk, to the sea and to a picnic - this hat will be a wonderful decoration and will attract attention. At LuckyLOOK you can choose women and men boaters in different colors.


For a beach holiday, trendy wide-brimmed hats are great. They add elegance, ease and mystery to the feminine look.

Which season does not go out of fashion Fedora is the queen among hats for casual style. Be sure to add it to your wardrobe if you don't have it yet! Women wear with dresses, skirts and sundresses, men - with jeans, shorts and T-shirts. Complement with sunglasses!

The unisex trilby hat goes well with both classic and casual outfits. A versatile and stylish option in a summer wardrobe.


Fans of sports style cannot do without a baseball cap. Fortunately, they are in vogue today! Choose laconic or outrageous options: the main thing is to preserve the integrity of the image.

If you are confused by the variety of sunglasses and hats trends, come to LuckyLOOK! Professional stylists and consultants will help you choose what really suits you.

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