Vera Brezhneva arranged a family vacation in the UAE
Vera Brezhneva arranged a family vacation in the UAE

Singer Vera Brezhneva decided to spend the last cool March days in warm regions. Now the star, together with his family, enjoys the warm sun and sandy beaches of Dubai.

Singer Vera Brezhneva decided to arrange an unforgettable vacation abroad for her family. Together with her beloved mother Tamara and daughters - 15-year-old Sonya and 7-year-old Sarah - the 35-year-old star went to the United Arab Emirates.


On her Instagram page, Vera actively shares vivid pictures from the trip, and also talks about her impressions of what she saw in Dubai.


For several days of vacation, the friendly company managed not only to sunbathe on the beach and swim in the warm sea, but also to visit several interesting places: to go to the "IMG Worlds of Adventure" amusement park and take a walk in the "Dubai Miracle Garden".

Delight! This is not a desert oasis! This is a real beautiful garden "Dubai Miracle Garden". I have never seen anything like it

- Vera Brezhneva signed one of the pictures.

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After yesterday's trip with my family to the desert, I completely fell in love with Dubai.

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