Anna Sedokova meets with host Sam Arzumanov
Anna Sedokova meets with host Sam Arzumanov

Fans learned the name of the new boyfriend of the singer Anna Sedokova from his tattoos.

Singer Anna Sedokova continues to stir up rumors about her new romance. In the month of May, the 33-year-old star broke up with dancer Sergei Gumanyuk. But she did not have to be bored for a long time alone.


A few days ago, Anna posted on her Instagram page a picture in which she poses, lying on a bench next to a man. In a commentary on the photo, Sedokova wrote that this is her new boyfriend, whom she loves very much. True, she did not want to name his name.

Nevertheless, Anna's fans still managed to establish the identity of the mysterious stranger. It turned out to be journalist and TV presenter Sam Arzumanov. They were helped in this by the new pictures of the singer on her blog, in which she lit tattoos on the right hand of her beloved.

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True, some of Anna's followers think that the singer just took part in the show "# STAR", in which Sam is the host. And she took the picture to intrigue the audience.

We hope that soon Anna Sedokova herself will clarify what is happening.

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