Anetti Zhernova told the truth about her millionaire fiancé
Anetti Zhernova told the truth about her millionaire fiancé

Ex-participant of the "Bachelor 6" project Anetti Zhernova decided to clarify the situation around the changes in her personal life and talked about her prospective fiancé, the German millionaire Axel Hesse.

For a month now, the media has been talking about the imminent wedding of the finalist of the sixth season of the show "The Bachelor" Anetti Zhernova. The girl now and then intrigues her followers on Instagram with pictures with mysterious men.


First, on her blog, the star posted a photo with a stranger, who at this moment gently kisses her on the head.

I walked the boy for a haircut, I thought it was spring, but it turned out to be still cold. Don't be fooled by thermometers! They don't warn about the wind. In short, I am stiff! Let love warm. Last day of winter

- wrote in the comments to the photo of Anetti.


Two weeks later, a photo of Zhernova appeared on the Web with another man, the German millionaire Axel Hesse, who was immediately recorded as the ex-bachelor's fiancé.

"Yes", Axel Hesse and I decided to do it this summer! Spring has burst into my life with tempting offers!

- the ex-bachelor intrigued her followers on Instagram.


Anetti Millstones with Axel Hesse

Anetti Zhernova's wedding is likely to take place - the girl has already tried on several wedding dresses, boasting one of them in her blog.


Also last weekend, Anetti decided to dot the "i" around the person of Axel Hesse, and told who he really was.

So, Axel Hesse agreed to be a toastmaster, in his soul he is forever young

- wrote in her blog Anetti.

Who, in fact, is the chosen one of Anetti Zhernova is still unknown. Let's hope that the girl will present him to the public soon.

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