How to style Melania Trump
How to style Melania Trump

The image of Melania Trump belongs entirely to the hands of the hairdresser Mordechai Elwau, whom the first lady of the United States met 10 years ago.

“When I met Melania, she didn't know what she wanted. We experimented a lot and came to what each of you sees today,”says Elvau.

Experts say that for a politician and his family members, a hairstyle is not just a manifestation of mood, but also what a politician wants to say to the people. It is interesting that Melania actually never changes her image, and always appears in public with a signature styling. Thus, according to political strategists, she wants to demonstrate the stability that her husband is promoting.

How much does Melania Trump's hairstyle cost?


According to Melania Trump herself, she uses products from the organic company Yarok for her hair. Moreover, this applies to both care and styling products. The grooming kit costs Melania $ 150, but the styling products - $ 170.

According to stylist Mordechai Elvau, the cost of the first lady's styling is $ 90, another 130 - coloring, 140 - a haircut. At the same time, Melania does styling every time she appears in public.

How to style Melania Trump at home


To replicate Melania Trump's styling, the first thing to do is use root volume mousse. Next, apply heat protection to the length and blow dry your hair with a round brush.

Roll dry hair with a pair of tongs with a diameter of 6 centimeters. Do not lower the curl, but secure it with a hairpin. After finishing the last curl, let your hair cool for 15 minutes. After this time, loosen the curls, apply a little moisturizing spray to them and brush them to give a natural look.

The styling is ready.

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