6 scientific evidence that everyone needs a dog
6 scientific evidence that everyone needs a dog

Dogs are not just pets and companions. They are able to make our personality better and stronger.

Scientists at the Illinois Institute of Mental Health conducted a series of experiments to track how dog owners change with the introduction of a pet in a family. The results were amazing.

Dogs make us …

… more sociable

With the appearance of a dog, we automatically expand the circle of acquaintances and interest, plus, giving attention to a four-legged friend, we get used to communicating more. And also the establishment of a dog is an acquaintance with all the dog lovers in the district.


… happier

It is communication with a faithful, devoted friend who is always happy to see us that contributes to the regular release of the hormone oxytocin, which is directly responsible for the state of happiness.

… healthier

Studies have shown that families with dogs reduce the risk of allergies and asthma by up to 70%. Plus, the immunity of such families is almost twice as high as the immunity of families where there is no dog.


… more disciplined

Dogs live according to a clear mode of walking and eating, therefore even the most undisciplined person gradually gets used to living according to a schedule and uses the acquired skills to benefit in work and life.

… slimmer

Dogs are active animals. The owners automatically have to participate in races and games with animals, and this burns a lot of calories.


Also, dogs save lives

Dogs are able to recognize a stroke 15 minutes before an attack occurs. Thanks to the activity of the dogs during the poor health of their owners, thousands of lives have been saved.

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