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How to remove a double chin at home
How to remove a double chin at home

At one stage or another in life, every girl faces the problem of a double chin. Sometimes this is associated with a sharp increase in weight, sometimes with a loss of skin elasticity.

Why does the chin sag? The answer to this question is simple - muscles cannot support the skin sufficiently. And she sags. To get rid of a double chin, you need to include the following procedures in your daily care.

Important: if the problem is serious, you need to see a doctor in order to remove the double chin with a surgical method. Remember, severely saggy skin will no longer be as elastic as it used to be.

Get into face fitness


The first thing to do if you notice a double chin is face fitness. It is best to train in the evening, before bed. The training itself will take you a little time, and you will see the result after 10 days of daily training.

To strengthen your chin muscles, do the following exercises:

  • sticking out your tongue (stick out your tongue as if you want to show your tongue to someone). Repeat 10 times;
  • patting (pat your chin with the back of your hand). Do the exercise for 3 minutes;
  • the letter "O" (speak loudly the sound "O"). Repeat 10 times.

Don't forget about massages


Massage will also help to cope with a double chin. It is best done by a beautician in order not only to remove excess fat in the chin area, but also to tighten the skin.

You will need 8-10 sessions 2-3 times a week.

Important: it is best to massage with a firming serum.



If you have already tried all of the above and the result is not very pleasing to you, do not despair. Injections will come to the rescue!

Now in cosmetology there are injections that "break" fat deposits. Yes, it hurts, but the result is worth it. In just 2-3 sessions, there will be no trace of fat in the chin area.

Interesting: also pay attention to my stimulation in the salon. Paired with a massage, this treatment will also help reduce the chin.

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