How to breathe in order to lose weight
How to breathe in order to lose weight

If you want to maintain a good figure, you cannot do without proper breathing.

When we breathe superficially (with the chest), the body does not receive enough oxygen in order to ensure a full-fledged metabolism, which means that toxins, toxins and extra pounds begin to accumulate. When we switch to physiological respiration (belly), the metabolism is accelerated, the work of internal organs is activated, the feeling of hunger disappears.

In order to learn how to breathe correctly, you can start with a simple exercise of Chinese breathing exercises for weight loss "Jianfei" (translated from Chinese - "lose fat").

How to breathe correctly for weight loss


Do breathing exercises in comfortable clothing that does not hinder movement. Lie on your back, bend your knees (at a right angle), put your feet on the floor. Place one palm on your chest and the other on your stomach. Begin breathing exercises, helping yourself a little with your hands.

Take a deep breath through your nose. At the same time, straighten your chest, opening the way for the flow of air inward, and inflate your stomach, filling it with air (as fully as possible, but without excessive effort). Hold your breath for 30-40 seconds.


At this time, the belly filled with air should be lifted. Then begin to slowly (10-15 s) exhale air with your mouth, emptying as much as possible and drawing in your stomach. Repeat a few more times, while maintaining a state of comfort.

After completing the lesson, lie down calmly, listening to your feelings. This exercise can be performed in any comfortable position, but it is best to learn while lying down. Having mastered this simple breathing technique, you will maintain a beautiful figure and health for life.

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