Nutritionists called the Atkins diet dangerous
Nutritionists called the Atkins diet dangerous

Low-carb diets gained popularity a couple of decades ago - since then, their number of fans has grown steadily. The essence of these power systems is as follows.

Restricting carbohydrates in the diet triggers the mechanism of burning the body's own fat reserves. The pros are undeniable: Scientists have shown that the effect of losing weight from low-carb diets is much greater than from a diet with a reduced amount of fat.

At the same time, in recent years, researchers have received new evidence of the dangers of long-term carbohydrate-free diets. According to recent reports, the Atkins diet causes irritability and fatigue.


Experiments on mice have shown that in the blood of animals lacking carbohydrates, there is an increased content of the hormone corticotrophin, a substance that signals the stress state of the body.

"Recent studies show that a complete rejection of carbohydrates is bad. A person needs carbohydrates for proper metabolism. Therefore, it is better to lose weight on the basis of proper nutrition, and not protein diets, which, by the way, will not give long-term results," the scientists are sure.

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