Gym mistakes that make your workouts go to waste
Gym mistakes that make your workouts go to waste

The good news is, they're not hard to fix.

Have you been going to the gym for years, and a beautiful figure is still not drawn? Perhaps you should fix just a couple of mistakes that you do not know about, and it will go faster.

Improper exercise performance

For seasoned athletes, exercise is a piece of cake. Beginners are rarely familiar with the technique. Therefore, it is better to ask new exercises to "put" a trainer on duty, or get your own trainer to begin with.

Then the body will perform the exercises correctly, guided by muscle memory.


Unprofessional trainer

But a coach is not a guarantee of a beautiful and fit figure. If the coach just seeks to drive you harder, talks between sets and does not correct the technique, most likely, he needs to be changed.

Identical workouts

Muscles become accustomed to certain types of stress and cease to function the way we need them during training. Therefore, even for the same muscle groups, change the load, and correct the training program once a month.

Non-compliance with the regime

Strength training is primarily a regimen. Do not exercise too often - the muscles must rest. But even too rare trips to the gym completely cancel the previous classes.


Lack of warm-up

Warming up and stretching are important elements of every workout, and it doesn't have to be running. You need to warm up from top to bottom, performing certain exercises.

Save running for a day of cardio.

Weight stability

The weights should change, because the body gets used to the previous weight and exercises with it are more ineffective.

Do not be afraid to swing like a bodybuilder without high testosterone levels, we women cannot see this.

Too much load

By the way, too much effort can also lead to bodily resistance. 45-90 minutes is the optimal workout time. Not more!


Bad habits

Smoking and alcohol slow down metabolism and protein synthesis, which means that you can only dream of relief muscles. Choose: either a hall or a cigarette. Of course, we are not talking about a glass of wine once a week, but regular bad habits will not do anything good for your body, even if you are killing yourself in the hall.

Have a good training!

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