Alexander Skichko: My wife and I go to bed together and wake up together
Alexander Skichko: My wife and I go to bed together and wake up together

The charming and attractive Oleksandr Skichko is only 26 years old, but behind him is participation in popular Ukrainian shows, morning broadcasts on radio and TV, the role of the host of Eurovision 2017 and many corporate events and events.

Most of all, Sasha loves to spend his free time with his family. Therefore, when a free moment appears, he devotes it to his loved ones. Together with his wife Elizaveta Yurusheva, the couple are raising two children and are madly in love with traveling.

In the special project "Morning with a Star" created by Viva! with the support of Philips, we found out all the details of how the morning of one of the most popular presenters in Ukraine begins.


How does your usual morning begin?

- Today from a photo session for a glossy magazine! In general, every morning for me, like all ordinary people, begins with the greatest grief in the world called an alarm clock. Without it, only on vacation. And then - you don't want to oversleep breakfast, and you are among the last, at 10:30 - you run!

How much is your alarm clock?

- My wife wakes up a little earlier than eight, and since I cannot sleep while someone is fumbling around, and in order not to sleep in different rooms, we found the optimal time - eight in the morning.


Do you always adjust to your wife's schedule?

- We adapt to each other, in a relationship you always have to give in - this is the key to success! We go to bed together and wake up together when the schedules do not coincide - we try to adjust, no matter what time I come from work, she will wait for me.

Do you like to sleep longer?

- Of course, and who doesn't! A perfect morning is when you can sleep until nine or ten in the morning.

Is there any special secret to wake up cheerful?

- I have not met a single person who would know how to "properly" wake up in the morning. If there is a person in the world who is ready to tell this secret - let the whole world pour money on him, he will tell us this secret, and we will all do it together! I've worked for a total of five years in morning shows, television and radio, and I constantly had to wake up at five or six in the morning.


And I was often asked: "How to learn to sleep for 4 hours and look cheerful and cheerful in the morning?" Frankly, there is no recipe for you to go to bed at 1 am, get up at 5 am and feel cheerful. And if you still have to do this for some time, then in a few months you will definitely expect tired eyes.

The only thing that can help you feel sleepy is to go to bed early. Getting up early is a recipe that works 100%. Morning takes on completely new colors!

What is your record for the speed of leaving the house?

- 10 minutes. When you woke up, and after 15 minutes a live broadcast - it invigorates. It is not clear where the strength, energy, enthusiasm, desire, magic speed come from, you discover super powers in yourself, you feel like a superman.


Have you ever been late for the plane?

- Not once. I think this is a terrible feeling. Especially if you have further plans and because of this everything collapses. You can leave the airport with a gray-haired person. I have a tough discipline in this regard, I am from the category of people "the alarm sounded - you need to get up." I am always very kind to this. I am also so used to the sound of my alarm clock that if something else is playing nearby, I may not notice, but I recognize it out of 1000.

And it happens that you woke up - and you are not in the mood?

- Music helps me ideally on these mornings. You pick your favorite song, drive your car to work and look like that weird person you sometimes see at traffic lights.


What kind of person is he?

- Well, this is when you stop, and in the next car a person's disco. At such moments I can forget that there are people around. And if the song is my favorite and turns on - oh, circle the whole world!

It also helps to talk to someone. I have a friend, Frank, who is also a host. He is almost always in a good mood, he is generally from the world of humor. We may not even discuss anything with him, we just throw jokes at each other.

What do you like most in your appearance in the morning?

- Nose. He never changes. If the eyes may swell a little, the color of the skin may change - it may be bluer, greener, more yellow. Well, there are different days. But the nose is always stable. Moreover, he is always a little blush.

Have you had any unusual experiments with your appearance?

- If clothes count, then there were many. On the set, I was in a crimson jacket from the 90s, and in sweatpants from the 70s, and in thongs - in general, everything was there. Once they made a parody of the film "Brigade" and I played Sasha Bely, put on a long leather coat, a suit, long shoes. And recently they made Katya Osadchuya out of me.


You had this: fell asleep - and woke up famous?

- Not yet. I always wanted more and I want it now. After achieving one goal, a new one appears, this is an ongoing process. Constantly want something more! Now I am working on a new project. Therefore, so far in the morning I do not have the feeling "well, everything, everything is fine."

This is generally very scary, I think. Soothes. And, besides, since many men, including me, are guided by female desires, and, as you know, they all grow and grow … You can't stop, you need to earn money.

Wow, what reasoning. You're just a perfect man

- I just have a very smart woman. In fact, when you get into the comfort zone where everything is cool, it is very dangerous. A lot of people got burned on this.

Do you like to look after yourself?

- Well, if a daily shower, daily shampooing and clean clothes are considered courtship - then yes.

Have you ever grown a beard? Or a mustache? It's fashionable now

- My beard is not as thick as I would like, so there is nothing to grow. This is not the beard from the video "If you have a beard, I'll tell you yes."

How would you describe your life and its rhythm?

- I want even more. Or else, literally an hour.

How to keep up with everything?

- To keep up with everything? In the modern rhythm of life, it is impossible that everything is straight. How to do it so that you can do more is another question! I've read a couple of books on time management. And I found a couple of practical tips for myself. Checked - they work!

First, you need to plan your day. I write on my phone in notes what meetings I have today, who needs to call and what things need to be done. If you do not do this, then you will never have time for anything, simply because you will forget. And at the end of the evening such - ahh, so this is what I wanted! Therefore, it is definitely necessary to write. And the second - it is advisable to load evenly for a week. If you plan everything for Monday, then you gradually transfer it and in the end you do nothing.

Tea or coffee?

- Both tea and coffee. I drink everything that is warm.

And breakfast?

- I like a hearty breakfast. Scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, maybe pancakes.

Can you cook?

- A little. But I rarely do it. Okay, I confess - I don’t remember the last time I did it. In summer, I can grill something outdoors in nature. Meat, fruits, vegetables. Somehow baked pineapple. I really like it: everyone is resting, relaxing, and you are so important with a ladle. The beauty!

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