Choosing a phone not "by clothes"
Choosing a phone not "by clothes"

Online store "TTT" will tell you how best to choose a phone.

Each manufacturer, announcing another new product, claims that this is our last chance to buy the phone of their dreams. But it is so difficult to choose the right device among the many options presented on store shelves.

Battery: the longer the better


Today's telephones have many possibilities, allowing you to communicate, have fun, work and even study. But there is one catch: in order to cope with the declared functions, the phone needs a lot of energy.

So before you buy a gadget that can work as a player, e-book, navigator, etc., find out the capacity of its battery. The optimal indicator is from 2000 mAh. Otherwise, with all its functions, your "gadget for all occasions" simply will not survive until the end of the working day.

Understanding the needs of their customers, manufacturers offer models with improved batteries. For example, some Lenovo phones of the latest models are equipped with a high-capacity battery, which allows them to be actively used for 4-5 days.

Design: meeting by clothes


Most modern phones have attractive and stylish designs. For example, any Sony phone Nokia or Samsung of recent years, it has been distinguished by a laconic design and a bright screen, which makes it even prettier.

At the same time, manufacturers strive to make most of the model line universal, suitable for both men and women.

Number of SIM cards

Now you can use SIM cards of several operators on the same phone if you choose a model with multiple SIM slots. This helps to rationally plan the costs of mobile communications. And our capabilities are no longer limited to two operators. So, on sale you can find a Fly phone even for 3 SIM cards, which does an excellent job with its work.

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