Lent 2017: 7 rules how to prepare for Lent
Lent 2017: 7 rules how to prepare for Lent

Lent 2017 will begin on February 27 and this is a difficult test for which you need to prepare. With our advice, it won't be difficult.

Lent is a period of purification, forgiveness and renewal. It must be taken seriously, including special preparation.

Clean the apartment

Lent is the time when we purify ourselves. Therefore, it simply does not make sense to start it in a cluttered apartment. Tune in to change: throw away old unnecessary things, or give them to those in need.

Do a general cleaning and you yourself will discover how changes begin on the first day of Lent.


Unload the body

Lent, among other things, is a rather strict diet. It is difficult for the body to immediately readjust to such a regime, especially after the pancakes at the Pancake.

Preparation in Great Lent should begin three days before its start: make a fasting day, gradually giving up meat, fish and dairy products.

Ask for forgiveness and forgive

Forgiveness Sunday should be considered the main day before the beginning of Lent. It is important to ask for forgiveness and forgive everyone who asks for forgiveness: in order to start Great Lent with a pure heart, without guilt or resentment.


Finish unfinished business

Another way to ease your inner state before Lent is to finish what has long been planned.

Unfinished business causes us unconscious melancholy and anger, and these feelings during Lent only get in the way.

Prepare a list of recipes

Lent seems to be the most difficult because of the restriction in the allowed products. But there are many recipes that will help you spend this time varied and without much hardship.


It is better to immediately prepare a list of recipes and buy the necessary products: cereals, herbs, vegetables.

Do a good deed

It is important to remember why we fast: to become better and cleaner. A good deed can most easily set up a good deed in the right way before Lent: helping a shelter for homeless animals, an orphanage, donating to a charitable organization.

Tune in to update

Any changes come only when we are ready for them. Tune in to the magic of Lent and after its end you will be surprised at the positive changes in your inner world.

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