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Psychology of color: what his favorite shade will tell about a person's character
Psychology of color: what his favorite shade will tell about a person's character

Color is not a physical quantity - it is our visual reaction to the refraction of rays by a separate object. It is generally accepted that the sky is blue and the grass is green. But no one still can tell if green is the same for everyone.

So color is more of a "psychological" quantity: the perception of colors may differ from person to person. Therefore, the so-called "psychology of color" can be called a science at a stretch. As well as astrology. In other words, "science" only works if you believe in its principles.

On the other hand, it has long been proven that different colors affect a person in different ways. And therefore, there is some grain in color. Check yourself - perhaps you perceive colors in a special way and the "magic of color" described in ancient times does not affect you at all?..

Red color

Red is considered a symbol of passion. This is an aggressive color that immediately attracts attention, but quickly tires and irritates the psyche. Psychologists advise against choosing red for casual wear, but for a romantic date there is simply no better color. Character: passionate.

Blue color

Blue is a symbol of stability and poise. He is conservative, has authority and is forced to reckon with himself. Blue inspires confidence and calms. This color is popular in business circles. Psychologists recommend wearing dark blue for important meetings. Character: balanced.



Sunny and frivolous color. Cheers up, especially in cold winter weather. Creates a psychological sensation of warmth. It immediately attracts attention, but can cause irritation and aggression. No wonder in ancient times, yellow was considered the color of madness. Yellow suits young people. But they should also avoid a combination of yellow and black. In living nature, this is a sign of danger, which is perceived by us at a subconscious level. Character: cheerful.

Orange color

Acts like yellow and creates feelings of well-being and positiveness. It is considered the most "optimistic" color in the entire palette. It is believed that orange stimulates inspiration - which is why it is especially loved by people of creative professions. In "serious" business and for decoration of places of recreation it is unacceptable. Character: optimistic.

Green color

Green soothes and relieves fatigue. Along with muted blue, it is considered the most comfortable color for perception. It relaxes well, so wearing it to work in the office is not very logical. Nor is it a "color of first impression": HR professionals warn against wearing green clothing for interviews. Moreover, light green: this color is associated with youth and frivolity. Character: serious.


Pink color

Evokes feelings of childhood. Suitable only for young girls. Evokes mentoring feelings, a desire to protect and preserve. It is a symbol of touching and naivety. With all the ensuing consequences. Character: frivolous.


Another aggressive color that will not let you get lost in the crowd, but also will not help to win over those around you. Purple is very demanding, it has long been considered the royal color, therefore it dominates over other colors. Capricious and not to everyone's face. Character: indulgent.

Brown color

Brown is considered the most conservative of all colors. And the most "invisible" - because it merges with the natural landscape. Disposable and trustworthy. Until recently, it was considered the best choice for interviews, but now it is associated with a lack of imagination - albeit with good performance. Loves the neighborhood of brighter partners. Character: down-to-earth.


White color

White is rarely found in nature, therefore it is highly valued. The man in white is immediately noticed: he is either a doctor or a big shot. Celebrities love white, it is a symbol of the holiday. White color is refreshing, but it can cause discomfort among others, so it is better to choose “natural” shades of white - cream, baked milk, etc. Character: calm.

Grey colour

Gray is neutral. It inspires confidence and symbolizes calmness. It is believed that gray is chosen by people who do not even draw attention to themselves. But we know a lot of examples when, when using bright accessories, the image of a person changes dramatically. Character - thing in itself.

Black color

Black is universal and can be a panacea for all occasions. It is the color of workers and monarchs, creative people and performers, the color of young and old. It doesn't suit small children, unless it's the Adams family. There is an intrigue in black, which everyone can “turn on” and “turn off” at will with the help of accessories of a different color. It sets off other colors well, but it is itself a self-sufficient value. It symbolizes self-confidence, but builds a certain distance. It has been proven that it is black that is best perceived by employers in interviews. Character: intriguing.


No matter how you feel about a certain color, if you are not sure - it is better to choose its pastel shades. Dim neutral tones are almost invisible to our eyes. Therefore, they will not disturb the psyche of others - but they will not bring you dividends either. Choose based on circumstances. And your own mood, after admiring the orange one!

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