Where to go to rest. The best places in the world for a vacation from Sasha Pedan
Where to go to rest. The best places in the world for a vacation from Sasha Pedan

Tireless traveler, adventurer, northern lights and sea wave presenter of the New Canal Alexander Pedan shares the best places for a summer vacation.

How to spend your summer vacation is one of the biggest questions when it comes time. Since the mood for the entire subsequent working period and excellent memories depend on a good rest.

And Alexander Pedan knows a lot about travel, because he has trips almost all over the world behind him.

For lovers of fabulous nature

Do you want to see the most beautiful nature in the world? Travel to Norway. And the cheapest way to travel around the country is to rent a camper, that is, a house on wheels. Firstly, the country is expensive, and it is easier to save money with a camper. Secondly, everything is provided for such trips.


Well, the whole point is that to see Norway is not to visit the capital. You need to go out of town: to see nature, to cross the fjords on ferries … And when you go by car, you feel like a troll will jump out from under the stone. In a word, fabulous nature.

For seekers of the amazing

Something absolutely amazing is Japan. Once there, you get the impression that you are on another planet. I'm not just talking about architecture, food, and so on. First of all, I mean people and mentality - they are different.


It is very interesting to visit there, to plunge into a completely different world. And, ideally, you need to visit both Tokyo, the capital of the future, and Kyoto, the city of ancient temples and traditions.

For those who want total fun

Bilbao, San Sebastian - Basque Country, Atlantic coast of Spain and France. It is worth going there for those who are looking for an atmosphere of total fun. In the evening, it is customary to eat tapas right in street cafes, wash them down with cider and walk along the streets.


On top of that, there is a gorgeous coastline. The Atlantic may be cold in itself, but an ocean of impressions is provided.

For those who feel good at home

If the weather is everywhere in Ukraine, you need to go to Transcarpathia. It has its own microclimate, it is always warmer, delicious cuisine, welcoming population. In other words, you don't have to go to Europe to feel yourself there.


In Transcarpathia Europe, only from our side of the border. I love to go there, because nature and old streets, castles, and sanatoriums, in general, everything you need!

For those who just want to relax

Crete has excellent weather conditions: moderately hot and humid. It can be noted that such a climate is understandable and close to us, Ukrainians - it is similar to the Crimean one. And there are simply incredible family restaurants-taverns where you will be fed by the owners themselves, which is extremely pleasant.


At the same time, the food is very tasty and, most importantly, inexpensive - just inexpensive! All in all, Crete is for those looking for the perfect price / quality ratio.

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