What kisses do men of different zodiac signs love?
What kisses do men of different zodiac signs love?

The stars know everything, even how men of all zodiac signs love to kiss. After all, everyone has their own temperament.

This is how men of all zodiac signs kiss. Some are just kissing fans. And there are those who disdain and do not like kissing at all.


Aries, as one of the sexiest signs in the zodiac, kiss passionately. But this kiss is not long. Aries, in principle, do not particularly like to kiss.


And only if the Aries man is in a great mood, he will gladly kiss you with all the passion of his fiery nature.


A Taurus will never kiss indifferently. But all his most gentle and endlessly long kisses are only for his beloved girl. Just like that, a Taurus man will hardly kiss.


Gemini are just true kissing fans. Moreover, they adore both light and quick kisses, as well as French ones.


And do not forget that men of this sign are very sociable. Therefore, they often combine their kisses with whispering something very pleasant for you.


Cancer men are very shy. They prefer to be kissed. Therefore, do not expect decisive action from cancer. And start kissing him first.


And your courage will be rewarded with a dizzying kiss. They kiss skillfully. But they don't like kissing in public. So if you already decided to kiss a cancer, then do it in an intimate setting.


For Leo men, kissing is even more important than sex. Lions love to kiss for a long time, a lot, and everywhere, even in public. And they do it very skillfully. They are ready to give their girlfriend a million sensual and passionate kisses for days.


So with a man of this zodiac sign, your lips will always be kissed with a light effect.


Virgo men are great pedants. And they are also squeamish. For them, a kiss is not romance, but a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, they do not particularly like to kiss. For them, it is more of a duty. And they will do it if the situation dictates.


In addition, they are very scrupulous about their girlfriend's appearance. Do not expect kisses from Virgo if you have not brushed your teeth after dinner or if something is wrong with your lips and face. He will not kiss in public the same way.


Libra men will always think about your pleasure first of all. They are voluptuous in their kisses and completely surrender to the process. So that can make you dizzy. They are also able to guess your desires and moods and do everything possible to make it good.


The Scorpio man puts the whole range of feelings into his kiss. His kisses are always incredibly passionate. And so much so that you do not want to be limited only to kisses.


And the setting is very important in this. If a man born under the zodiac sign Scorpio kissed you in public, he is very in love.


Sagittarius men are very professional at kissing. And they practice both passionate and gentle and touching options for kissing. It really depends on the attitude towards the girl.


But in general, men of this zodiac sign love sex more than kissing. Therefore, they do not hesitate to move on to the main thing.


Capricorn men are very reserved and cold. They don't like kissing very much. And even more so, you won't get any passion in a kiss from them. He kisses most often because it is so customary. But if, all of a sudden, he begins to do this not to people, then he definitely has a strong feeling for you.


Aquarius men love to experiment. And try new kissing techniques. And in principle, they are lovers of kissing. They do it masterfully and always very sensually. A kiss for them is very erotic.



Pisces men, as a rule, kiss only their beloved girl. For them, a kiss is primarily a manifestation of love. And in the process, they do everything to show the full power of their feelings.

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